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About Our Mission

Our mission is to bring you the most objective video game reviews on the Internet.

Why? Because you’ve asked for them.

For years, gamers have called for reviews to be more objective. Every few months, there is some controversy about a new game that got a score that was too high or too low. Gamers blame the opinions of those who write reviews. Game journalists have their own ideas about what makes a game good or bad, and these ideas influence the score they give to games.

Enter Objective Game Reviews.

We solve this problem by reviewing games without letting our personal opinion get in the way. All of the reviews we write are 100% objective, guaranteed. When you read a game review from Objective Game Reviews, you can trust that what we say is not based on our own biases or opinions.

No more opinion. No more subjectivity. No more controversy.

Here at Objective Game Reviews, you can finally read a review without worrying about the opinion of the author. So, go ahead! Browse our reviews and discover a new game you will love!

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Game reviews that are fact, not opinion