This is a screenshot from the video game Anne Hathaway: Erotic Mouthscape. It features Anne Hathaway's mouth and three options that the player may select. The middle option is highlighted by the player.

Anne Hathaway: Erotic Mouthscape Review

Genre | Interactive Fiction
Developer | Lillian Behrendt
Platforms | Browser (PC, Linux, and OSX)
Website |

Anne Hathaway: Erotic Mouthscape is an interactive fiction Twine game in which the player interacts erotically with Anne Hathaway’s mouth. The character the player controls is small enough to inhabit the mouth and undertake various actions within it. A dream sequence is featured.

Anne Hathaway: Erotic Mouthscape contains 28 separate pages that describe the game, and a number of variations on each of these pages. The player moves from page to page by choosing from the responses offered. Some responses alter the page by adding additional information while other responses move to the player to a different page.

Anne Hathaway: Erotic Mouthscape does not offer any information that contextualize’s the player’s presence in Anne Hathaway’s mouth or explains the diminutive size of the  character the player controls. Sometimes the player has a degree of control over their actions while at other time’s the player’s actions and responses are dictated entirely by the game.

The graphics in Anne Hathaway: Erotic Mouthscape are dark pink text on a light pink background and ASCII art of Anne Hathaway and Anne Hathaway’s mouth. Highlighting a link makes it bigger and causes the text to glow white. There are no audible sounds or music in Anne Hathaway: Erotic Mouthscape. In certain instances the text in the game describes sounds.

At one point in Anne Hathaway: Erotic Mouthscape the player is presented with a footnote that they are able to click on should they so choose. This footnote provides additional information about the structure of Anne Hathaway’s mouth and the player’s location in it. The footnote is accompanied by a diagram.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8.5 out of 10.