A screenshot of the video game Atom Zombie Smasher, featuring a city with zombies and civilians in it that is partially demolished as a result of dynamite, artillery, and gas line explosions. The district depicted is Rio Nucamo and a helicopter is preparing to land and evacuate civilians.

Atom Zombie Smasher Review

Genre | Strategy
Developer | Blendo Games
Platforms | PC, Linux, OSX
Website | http://blendogames.com/atomzombiesmasher/

Atom Zombie Smasher is a strategy game in which the player attempts to evacuate the citizens of Nuevos Aires from zombie-infested areas and push back the invading zombie hordes. The player must send in helicopters to airlift civilians while using artillery, soldiers, snipers, and other hired mercenaries to hold back the zombies. Between missions, slide show vignettes narrate the history of Nuevos Aires and the zombie war.

Atom Zombie Smasher features eight mercenary unit units, three special weapons, including the Catbird Cannon and llama bombs, two kinds of civilians to rescue, one special zombie type, thirty one vignettes, eight upgrades to research, and one signature that the player appends to each new mercenary contract by clicking on it. For each new game, Atom Zombie Smasher randomly generates a campaign map and the terrain of each individual mission. Territory captured by zombies and civilians turned to zombies add to the zombie horde’s victory points. Rescuing civilians and eliminating all zombies from a territory grants the player victory points. Whichever side accumulates a set number of points first wins.

Cities in Atom Zombie Smasher contain buildings, parks, and roads, Buildings can be destroyed by explosives, and some buildings rest on broken gas mains that will cause large explosions when triggered. Players can buildings and roadblocks to funnel zombies and civilians in certain directions, then attack the zombies with artillery. Zombies come from the edges of the map and at night the rate of zombie incursion increases. Sniper teams placed on top of buildings can target zombies in a wider field of view.

The graphics in Atom Zombie Smasher are in a stylized style. They depict a map of Nuevos Aires, the various parts of the city that each mission takes place on, pink dots that represent zombies, yellow dots that represent normal civilians, blue dots that represent scientist civilians that the player can rescue to research upgrades, and icons for the various mercenary teams. The sounds in Atom Zombie Smasher include the woof of a dog when the player selects their infantry squad, which is immune to zombies because of the specially trained dogs, the horn sounded by the evacuation helicopter when it arrives and draws civilians towards it, and explosions. The music in Atom Zombie Smasher is surf rock.

The player can control the speed of the game by speeding up or slowing it down to 10% speed. This allows the player to coordinate the actions of the various mercenary teams in situations where they might not otherwise be able to issue orders in time to rescue civilians. The player has no direct control over civilians and must decide whether to abandon any to the zombies in order to more effectively save citizens who are not in as much danger. Citizens attacked by a zombie instantly turn into zombies, allowing one zombie to turn a crowd of civilians into a crowd of zombies in a few seconds. Mercenary teams are assigned random names, such as “Pleasant Pheasant,” “Alicia’s Mandalas,” or “White Shadows.”

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8.5 out of 10.