Audiosurf Screenshot

Audiosurf Review

Genre | Puzzle
Developer | Dylan Fitterer
Platforms | PC

In Audiosurf the player controls a ship that progresses down a track with three lanes. The player’s goal is to match colored blocks in order to score points. The length of the track, its curvature, the speed of the ship, and the placement of the blocks are determined by the  audio track the player chooses. Choosing songs of different genres, tempos, and lengths provides different tracks of varying intensity and difficulty.

Audiosurf has three different game modes, fourteen different characters, six different difficulties, and as many levels as the player has audio files. The three modes are mono mode, puzzle mode, and freeride. In mono mode the player must collect colored blocks in time to the music and avoid gray blocks. In puzzle mode the player must match blocks with other blocks of the same color. In freeride mode there are no blocks to collect and no score.

Scoring in Audiosurf is calculated on a per-song basis and each song has a high score chart that includes everyone who has played the song and also singles out any of the player’s Steam friends who have played the song. The game can email the player when their high score on a song has been surpassed by anyone or by a Steam friend.

The graphics in Audiosurf are in an abstract style with bright colors and simple abstract designs. The colors of the ship and of various track decorations in Audiosurf  are tied to the intensity of the music. Purple and blue correspond to slower and softer music, green and yellow to music of medium intensity, and orange and red to fast or loud music. The sounds in Audiosurf correspond to the player’s ship hitting a block and can be disabled. The music in Audiosurf is whatever music track the player has selected.

The different characters available to the player alter the manner in which the game plays. The mono characters require the player to react in time to avoid gray blocks and collect colored blocks. The other characters require the player to decide which blocks to collect, in which order to collect them, and in which lane to collect them. The different characters allow the player to do things like push blocks from one lane to another, eliminate blocks, or control two ships simultaneously,

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8 out of 10.