This is a screenshot of the video game Bastion, featuring the player charging up and aiming the Breaker's Bow at some Gasfellas while surrounded by Stabweeds.

Bastion Review

Genre | Action RPG
Developer | Supergiant Games
Platforms | PC, XBOX 360, Linux, iOS, OSX

Bastion is an isometric action RPG in which the player controls a character named the Kid as he progresses through the remnants of a ruined world and attempts to rebuild it. The Kid is able to equip different weapons and abilities that allow him to attack in various ways, like smashing things with a large hammer. Narration by one of the game’s characters accompanies the player’s actions and alters based on what the player chooses to do.

Bastion has twelve weapons, each of which can be upgraded, twenty one story levels, twelve proving ground challenge levels, four dream levels, twenty enemies, ten gods, and twenty alcoholic drinks. The player purchases upgrades with fragments that are collected from defeated enemies and from the remnants of property damage the player inflicts upon the already ruined world. The player can block or roll to avoid taking damage from enemy attacks. Weapons can be charged up to inflict alternate attacks.

The weapons in Bastion have different ranges, attack rates, and abilities, and the player is able to equip any two weapons at once. This allows the player to equip ranged weapons and fight enemies by keeping their distance, or equip melee weapons and fight enemies up close, or adopt other strategies based on the weapon combinations. The player can pray to gods in order to make enemies harder and increase the fragments earned, and equip alcoholic beverages that provide various bonuses like increased damage or increased movement speed while blocking. The usage of alcohol is optional, as are the drug-induced dream sequences.

The graphics in Bastion are in the style of hand drawn art. Bastion features many bright colors, including green, orange, and blue. The levels in Bastion are made up of small pieces that appear as the player moves towards empty areas. In some areas pieces do not appear and if the player does not stop moving towards the empty area they fall into the abyss. The sounds in Bastion include combat noises and the narration that accompanies the player’s actions. The music in Bastion features acoustic guitars, trip hop electronic music, and sometimes a woman singing.

The story of Bastion is focused simultaneously on the past and on the future. The narrator tells the story of the player’s actions in past tense while the player carries them out in the present in order to discover what happened in the past and prepare for the future. The story focuses on the destruction of the world and on the conflict between cultures that existed before the destruction. It also focuses on the people and animals that lived in the world before it was destroyed. Some of the words in the game are made-up words, like “Tasal” and “Cael.” Others, like “apple,” are not.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is a 9 out of 10.