This is a screenshot from Battlefield 4 China Rising. It features the player flying a jet above the eponymous battlefield.

Battlefield 4 China Rising Review

Genre | Shooter
Developer | EA Digital Illusions CE
Platforms | PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBOX 360, XBOX One

China Rising is an expansion pack to Battlefield 4 that adds new content to the game. The content is Chinese in character.

China Rising adds four new maps set in China, two new vehicles on the maps in China, and a new Air Superiority game mode that takes place in China. It also allows players to unlock five new weapons and two new gadgets which can be used in China and also outside of China but still in the video game.

The new gadgets, the UCAV and SUAV, are small drones that players can throw and then pilot through the air. Players who are flying the drones are vulnerable to other players because they are not aware of their surroundings unless they use the drone to watch the area they are standing in, and they cannot use their weapons or move while they are flying the drone. The dirt bike is a new vehicle. It is a bike that two people can ride on. The bomber is the other new vehicle. It flies in a straight line and the player in the bomber can click on a location to drop a bomb there. Only one player can be in the bomber.

The new graphics in China Rising are the settings for the four maps. One of the maps is a desert with cliffs, canyons, mesas, and sand dunes. Another one of the maps is a forest with a series of caves. A third map is set near a river and is very yellow. The fourth map is set near mountains. There is a new sound effect to announce the arrival of a bomber on the map. The sound effect is an air raid siren and it plays loudly when a bomber arrives, which can occur once every few minutes.

One of the new weapons included in China Rising is the MTAR-21. To unlock the MTAR-21 a player must secure one assault rifle kill, one light machine gun kill, one sniper rifle kill, and one grenade kill, all within the same round. To do so, the player must repeatedly switch classes so as to be able to equip the various different guns, or they must pick the guns up from dead enemies. The MTAR-21 has a rate of fire that exceeds many other guns and has less recoil and bullet spread than many other guns.

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