This is a screenshot of Battlefield 4. It features the player firing out the side of a helicopter with a minigun as missiles fly by and below an explosion occurs.

Battlefield 4 Review

Genre | First Person Shooter
Developer | EA Digital Illusions CE
Platforms | PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBOX 360, XBOX One

Battlefield 4 is a first person shooter where players attempt to accomplish a series of objectives in various game modes. Players have access to a variety of guns, vehicles, and gadgets that they can use to attempt to beat the enemy team. There is also a single player campaign.

There are 58 primary weapons, 12 secondary weapons, 12 kinds of vehicles, and 10 maps in Battlefield 4. Most of the weapons are specific to one of 4 character classes but some weapons can be used by all of the classes. Some of the equipment, like C4, is shared between some classes, but most equipment is specific to one of the classes.

In Battlefield 4 some classes have weapons that can damage vehicles and other classes do not. Some of the weapons that damage vehicles, like C4, only work up close. Some vehicles are able to damage other vehicles while others cannot. The Assault class and Support class are the only classes that can heal and resupply, respectively, whereas the Engineer class is the only one that can repair vehicles. The Recon class can sit on top of a skyscraper the entire match, and all the other classes can too. There are helicopters that some players are able to fly without crashing into the ground six seconds after takeoff.

The graphics in Battlefield 4 are in a realistic style except for the sun, which is often brighter than it is in real life. The guns and vehicles in the game can be outfitted with camouflage in various colors. The sounds in Battlefield 4 are mostly things like explosions, bullet impacts, and weapons firing. Characters in Battlefield 4 physically point at enemy units when they “spot” them in order to make the enemy unit show up on the map. Characters speak in Chinese, Russian, or English depending on the team they belong to.

In Battlefield 4 a player can spawn in a jet fighter, shoot down an AC-130 gunship, crash the jet fighter into an enemy helicopter, bail out onto the roof of a building, run inside the building and shoot the inhabitants, lay C4 on the walls of the building, jump out of the building and trigger a parachute two seconds before hitting the ground, detonate the C4 to kill other enemies who have entered the building to attack the player, and then capture the nearby objective by standing close to a flagpole until the flag on it changes color to designate that the point is now owned by the player’s team.

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