This is a screenshot of the video game Betrayer, featuring the player holding a longbow with nineteen arrows and facing north northeast while crouching behind a bush and observing two enemies that are facing away from the player. The player has one hundred health, two tomahawks, and three health refills available in their canteen.

Betrayer Review

Genre | First Person Shooter, Stealth, Adventure, Horror
Developer | Blackpowder Games
Platforms | PC

Betrayer is a first person shooter stealth horror adventure game in which the player controls a character who washes up on the shore of an English colony in America in 1604. The player soon encounters clues, which hint at what occurred before the player arrived, and ghosts, which are what remain of the inhabitants of the colony and others, including eponymous betrayers. The player must explore the colony and the wilderness around it to discover what has happened, while also sneaking by and engaging in combat with some of the ghosts.

Betrayer features five classes of weapons with five levels of quality and multiple unique versions of each kind of weapon, eight locations, seventeen investigations to undertake, more than fifty clues, twenty eight characters, eleven kinds of enemies, seventeen gifts to give, dialogue choices, and throwable tomahawks. Items and money can be looted from dead enemies and purchased and sold at stores in settlements. When the player dies, their money is dropped at their corpse. If they do not retrieve their corpse before dying again, they lose all their money.

The player in Betrayer can sneak up on enemies by moving while crouched, moving quickly while the wind is blowing and masking their movement sounds, and staying behind objects and out of the line of sight of enemies. Enemies can be killed instantly with a melee attack from behind. The player can also engage in combat with bows, guns, and thrown tomahawks. Headshots deal increased damage to enemies and arrows can be recovered from dead enemies. Most enemies run towards the player until they are close enough to fire at the player. Other enemies attempt to engage in melee combat, sometimes after firing a single pistol shot. On the default difficulty setting enemies can kill the player in a few hits. Health is recharged by drinking water from barrels.

The graphics in Betrayer are in a realistic style except that everything is black and white, with the exception of some objects that are red. The player can add color to the graphics with a slider in the graphics menu. The sounds in Betrayer include noises some enemies make while moving around, like growls and snarls and the clanking of armor, which allow the player to keep track of the location of enemies when they cannot see them. Other noises include whispers and other noises that occur when the player presses the “listen” button, which grow stronger as the player faces and moves towards objectives. The music in Betrayer is ethereal in style and features drums and people singing. Often no music plays during the game.

The player learns what happened to the colony by talking with spirits they meet. Advancing investigations is accomplished by asking spirits about various clues. Clues are spread out around the locations the player can visit. The clues sparkle when the player looks at them. The player can also find graves, chests, and notes scattered around the environment. These things also sparkle. In some conversations the player has a choice between different dialog options. In most conversations the player only has one thing to say in order to advance the conversation. Many locations feature areas with few or no enemies and one or two clues or other collectibles in a large area.

This is a score for an objective game review. The scores is a 7.5 out of 10.