This is a screenshot for the video game BioShock 2. It features the player looking at a restaurant menu drawn on a chalkboard. The menu lists "pecan" pie, bread pudding, honey "rim" cake, "chocolate" mousse, "apple" strudel, and caramel "apple." The player has the incinerate plasmid and the drill weapon selected.

BioShock 2 Review

Genre | Shooter
Developer | 2K Marin, 2K China
Platforms | PC, OSX, PS3, XBOX 360

BioShock 2 is a first person shooter in which the player controls Delta, a Big Daddy. Delta is revived after having been dead for a number of years and must rescue Eleanor Lamb, a girl he was charged with protecting, from Dr. Sophia Lamb, a psychologist and Eleanor’s mother. Delta has a drill for an arm.

BioShock 2 features nine different levels, seven weapons with three different ammunition types and multiple upgrades, eleven plasmids with  multiple upgrades, ten enemy types, and collectible slugs. Weapons include a spear gun, a rivet gun, and the drill. The drill is a boring weapon. The hacking mechanic and research mechanic from the original BioShock are both altered in BioShock 2. To hack, the player presses a button to stop a waving needle in marked positions at the bottom of the screen. To research, the player targets an enemy with the video camera and earns research progress for each kind of attack done to the filmed enemy. These allow the player to hack and research without causing the game to pause as it did in the original BioShock.

In BioShock 2 the player wields a plasmid in one hand and a weapon in the other simultaneously, allowing them to use both at once. The player collects ADAM either by harvesting Little Sisters as in the original game or by adopting them and protecting them as they harvest ADAM from a series of corpses. Some weapons in the game allow the player to set up defenses and traps so as to defend the Little Sisters while they harvest.  When the player has collected ADAM from the Little Sisters on a level, they are attacked by a Big Sister, a maneuverable enemy that can jump from wall to wall and use various powers, including fireballs and telekenetic throws.

The graphics in BioShock 2 are in a realistic style. he graphics depict the city of Rapture and, when the player walks outside the city on the ocean floor, the area surrounding Rapture, all in an art deco style. Blue butterflies and paintings of blue butterflies are used as a visual motif in instances where the primary antagonist of the game is referred to. The sounds include the voice of Eleanor talking to the player and gunfire. The soundtrack in BioShock 2 is orchestral. BioShock 2 also features music from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.

One of the upgrades available to the player allows them to repair hacked security robots. This gives the robots names like Armando, Thoroughgood, Ada, Patches, Garrett, Diego, and Scoops. The game allows the player to make various moral choices. The player’s character is addressed by Eleanor as “father,” although the player’s character is not her biological father.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8.5 out of 10.