This is a screenshot of the video game Brooklyn Trash King, featuring the player conversing with the Brooklyn Trash King about the actions of various raccoons. The King is asking the player to kiss the butts of three normal raccoons and then to kiss the King's own butt. The player can accept or refuse the offer. The player can also click on the word "followers" to learn about the number of twitter follows the Brooklyn Trash King has.

Brooklyn Trash King Review

Genre | Adventure, Interactive Fiction
Developer | Ben Esposito, Sarah Johnson
Platforms | Browser (PC, Linux, OSX)
Website | Brooklyn Trash King Website

Brooklyn Trash King is an interactive fiction adventure game in which the player takes control of a person living in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, who is running a Kickstarter that is not succeeding. The player’s Internet is disrupted by raccoons, which causes them to visit Raccoon Island and converse with the eponymous Brooklyn Trash King in an attempt to restore the Internet.

Brooklyn Trash King contains forty two screens, forty six links that move between various screens or alter the information on a screen, four links that open up websites external to the game that provide additional information, three endings, seven possible Kickstarters, one of which is picked for the player’s playthrough, one curse, two flavors of chap stick, two potions, and trash.

Two of the possible Kickstarters in Brooklyn Trash King are “SteamCraft: The World’s First Steampunk M.M.O.R.PG.” and “Epic Sauce: Bacon Sriracha Hot Sauce.” Some of the raccoons in Brooklyn Trash King can speak English and converse with the player. The main topics of discussion include social media, favors, and likes and dislikes, including food likes and dislikes. The player is asked to undertake tasks like kissing butts so as to gain favor with the Brooklyn Trash King in Brooklyn Trash King. One puzzle in Brooklyn Trash King requires the player to repeat an action multiple times.

The graphics in Brooklyn Trash King consist of white text on a black background, some of which is bold text and some of which is not, and bold purple links. There is one picture at the beginning of the game. There is are no sounds in Brooklyn Trash King. There is no music in Brooklyn Trash King.

Some brand names in Brooklyn Trash King are written in entirely lower case letters, like “logitech,” “pabst blue ribbon,” and “campbells.” Others, like “Burts Bees” and “FOXCONN,” are not. Neither “campbells” nor “Burts Bees” are written with apostrophes in them. The Brooklyn Trash King speaks to the player in a colloquial manner. He uses phrases like “what up” and “I looked at your Kickstarter. It’s def not gonna make it.” The game juxtaposes descriptions of concerns about social media and the effect various actors can have on it with descriptions of trash, rotting food, and hairy raccoons. The actions the player can take with respect to these latter elements can express disgust, resignation, and other attitudes.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8.5 out of 10.