This is a screenshot of Brütal Legend. It features two characters talking to each other and a dialog choice.

Brütal Legend Review

Genre | Action, Strategy
Developer | Double Fine Productions
Platforms |  PC, PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, Linux, and OSX.

In Brütal Legend, the player controls Eddie Riggs, a roadie who dies at a heavy metal concert and is transported to a fantasy realm inspired by metal music where he leads the humans in revolt against the evil demons controlling the land.

The gameplay in Brütal Legend is a mix of combat, strategy, and exploration. In the combat, the player uses Eddie’s axe to attack enemies and Eddie’s guitar to cast spells by playing heavy metal. Although “axe” is a slang term for “guitar,” the game does not refer to Eddie’s guitar as an axe, perhaps to avoid confusion between it and Eddie’s actual axe. As the game progresses it adds in strategy elements. The player fights in staged battles against opposing armies by securing resources and calling in units inspired by heavy metal, like headbangers and roadies. The player has control over these units. The game also features an open world structure. Eddie has a car that the player can drive. The player can collect and unlock many things and upgrade their powers and their car at The Guardian of Metal, a character played by Ozzy Osbourne.

As Eddie journeys through the world, he makes friends, encounters obstacles, and discovers new locations. He also kills many animals and demons. Different factions in the game are based on various kinds of metal music, like the hair metal faction, which has a leader who uses his large blonde hair to fly. Various metal rockers play characters in the game, including Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford, and Lita Ford. Characters use the power of heavy metal to do things like heal allies and destroy fortifications. The game includes a swear filter for players who wish to have the bad words bleeped out.

The game soundtrack features 107 heavy metal songs which play from the car and during certain points in the game. The graphics feature characters that look similar to drawings by Frank Frazetta and other things that appear on metal album covers. All of the women in the game are skinny and have large breasts.

The dialog in the game is written mostly by Tim Schafer and contains jokes similar to the ones that Schafer includes in his other games, like the adventure games he made. The story follows an arc with various twists and turns. If the player beats the final level, they win.