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Gorogoa Review

Genre | Puzzle, Art
Developer | Jason Roberts
Platforms | PC, OSX
Website |

Gorogoa is a puzzle game designed and illustrated by Jason Roberts, where the player arranges tiles on a grid to progress through the story. The player is trying to help a boy with a bowl collect fruity offerings to put into his bowl for a big, colorful god. The game does not make clear what “Gorogoa” is eponymous for.

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Paragon Review

Genre | Puzzle
Developer | [-BipolarDesign+]
Platforms | PC
Website |

Paragon is a puzzle game in which the player directs a sphere around levels in order to collect gems and gold. The player can only control the sphere when it is moving along the various rails of the level. The player controls the sphere by launching it in one of the two directions perpendicular to its movement along the rail.  Encountering spikes causes the sphere to be destroyed, at which point the player must restart the level. The player beats a level when all gems are collected.

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qrth-phyl Review

Genre | Puzzle
Developer | hermitgames
Platforms | PC, XBOX 360
Website |

qrth-phyl is a puzzle video game in which the player controls an elongated snake-like avatar that grows each time it collects glowing dots. The player must collect a number of glowing dots on each level without hitting obstacles or their own tail. After having collected enough dots, the player progresses to the next level. Levels alternate between levels that take place on flat planes and the outsides of cuboids and levels that take place in three dimensional space inside cuboids.

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Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love Review

Genre | Art, Puzzle, Adventure, Exploration
Developer | Doppler Interactive
Platforms | PC, Linux, OSX
Website |

Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love is a game where the player controls a cube that rolls around a world. The player can bump into trees, creatures, and other objects to trigger various interactions. The player can collect items dropped by trees to turn their cube a certain color, which then allows them to spread this color by moving around. Later the player is able to alter the world by generating buildings and other objects. The player can meet the eponymous cube and and the eponymous star.

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Threes Review

Genre | Puzzle
Developer | Asher Vollmer, Greg Wohlwend, Jimmy Hinson
Platforms | iOS
Website |

Threes is a puzzle game where the player attempts to combine tiles on a four by four grid by sliding tiles with the same number in to each other. As the player swipes up, down, left, or right, all tiles that can move in that direction move in that direction. Each time the player swipes, a tile comes on to the side of the grid opposite the direction of movement. The game ends when the grid is filled.

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The Floor is Jelly Review

Genre | Puzzle Platformer
Developer | Ian Snyder
Platforms | PC, OSX
Website |

The Floor is Jelly is a game in which the player takes control of a small creature which can run, jump, and slide around a world in which the eponymous floor is made of eponymous jelly, which bounces and jiggles as the player interacts with it. The player must run, jump, and slide through a series of levels to reach doors and elevators while avoiding obstacles and solving puzzles that prevent the player from reaching the door.

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The Bridge Review

Genre | Puzzle Platformer
Developer | Ty Taylor and Mario Castañeda
Platforms | PC, XBOX 360
Website |

The Bridge is a puzzle platformer game in which the player controls a man who must navigate through levels and exit through a door. Obstacles prevent the player from exiting the level until the player has overcome these obstacles. The obstacles include a ball that can crush the player, keys that must be collected to unlock the door, non-Euclidean geometry that prevents the player from walking to the door, and doors that can only be entered by a white man, which the player’s character sometimes is not.

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No-One Has to Die Review

Genre | Puzzle, Interactive Fiction
Developer | Stuart Madafiglio
Platforms | Browser
Website |

In No-One Has to Die, the player controls a visitor to a building who is tasked with controlling the security systems in order to save workers at the building from a fire that has broken out. Throughout the game, the player learns more about the workers and the company that they work for.

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InFlux Review

Genre | Puzzle Platformer
Developer | Impromptu Games
Platforms | PC
Website |

InFlux is a puzzle platformer in which the player controls a metal sphere as it rolls around an island, solving puzzles. The player must collect glowing blue points of light to unlock puzzle rooms, and then solve each of the puzzle rooms to progress. A whale is featured.

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Mirror’s Edge Review

Genre | First Person Shooter, Platformer, Puzzle
Developer | EA Digital Illusions CE
Platforms | PC, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3
Website |

Mirror’s Edge is a first person platformer game with shooting and puzzle elements. The player controls Faith, a “runner.” Runners traverse the rooftops and streets of a city to deliver packages. In the game, the player delivers one package in the prologue and then becomes embroiled in a plot that does not involve delivering packages. Faith must navigate through the city by jumping, climbing, running, riding in elevators, and engaging in other acrobatic maneuvers while also encountering enemies, helicopters, and enemy helicopters.

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