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BioShock Infinite Review

Genre | Shooter
Developer | Irrational Games
Platforms | PC, XBOX 360, Playstation 3, OSX
Website |

Editor’s Note: This objective review contains a spoiler for an event that occurs a few hours in to BioShock Infinite. To read our spoiler-free objective review of BioShock Infinite, click here.

BioShock Infinite is a first person shooter set in 1912 in which the player controls Booker DeWitt, a man who is attempting to repay the debt the has accumulated by visiting a flying city called Columbia and retrieving a woman who is there. In order to accomplish his objective, Booker must fight his way through police officers and others, like people who can turn into crows and back into people indefinitely until Booker kills them.

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Flappy Bird Review

Genre | Platformer
Developer | .GEARS Studios
Platforms | iOS, Android
Website | None

Flappy Bird is a game in which the player taps the screen to cause the player’s character, the eponymous flappy bird, to flap its wings and move upwards. The player must navigate the bird through a series of openings between pipes. Colliding with or getting near a pipe results in a game over.

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