This is a screenshot of Company of Heroes 2, featuring a blizzard and three Russian infantry squads, one of which is equipped with a flamethrower.

Company of Heroes 2 Review

Genre | Real Time Strategy
Developer | Relic Entertainment
Platforms | PC
Website |

Company of Heroes 2 is a real time strategy game set in World War II. Players take control of the German or Russian armies and attempt to defeat their opponents by reducing the enemy’s victory points to zero or destroying the enemy’s base. Company of Heroes 2 features ColdTech™, which causes units to move slower in snow and die during blizzards after a certain amount of time spent away from a heat, and TrueSight™, which prevents units from seeing through walls, certain trees, and buildings, including buildings with windows in them.

Company of Heroes 2 features three kinds of resources, one campaign, ten base buildings, and fifty one units in multiplayer, including eleven Russian infantry squads and weapon teams, thirteen Russian vehicles and tanks, ten German infantry and weapon teams, and seventeen German vehicles and tanks. Some infantry and vehicles are only available to players who purchase the DLC which includes the units. Multiplayer matches range from one versus one up to four versus four.

Players earn resources in Company of Heroes 2 by capturing strategic points on the map with infantry. The strategic points are linked to territories, and players only earn resources from strategic points on territory that is contiguous with the territory occupied by the player’s headquarters. This allows players to cut off enemy resource income by capturing a territory between the enemy’s headquarters and the enemy’s other strategic points. Many points are linked to more than one territory and cannot be cut off without securing multiple other points.

The graphics in Company of Heroes 2 are in a realistic style. They depict battlefields that are white or brown. Some brown battlefields also feature green. During a blizzard, the graphics become more white. The sounds in Company of Heroes 2 feature voice clips from the units discussing things that happen during battle, explosions, gunfire, and other war sounds. The music in Company of Heroes 2 is orchestral in style.

The three resources in Company of Heroes 2 are manpower, munitions, and fuel. Manpower is used to purchase units, munitions is used to fund special abilities like strafing runs and to purchase upgraded equipment for units, and fuel is used to purchase higher tier units and to buy global upgrades. Players begin with some income for all three of these resources and get more income by capturing strategic points. Some strategic points only give fuel or munitions but most strategic points give all three resources and can be upgraded to give additional fuel or munitions. This allows players to upgrade the strategic points nearest their base and secure a fuel or munitions income that is difficult for the enemy to disrupt.

This is a score for an objective game review. The scores is a 7.5 out of 10.