This is a screenshot of the video game Cove of Flies, depicting the player in a cave. The game is directing the player to say hit to the shadow and offering four cardinal directions in which the player can move by clicking on any of them.

Cove of Flies Review

Genre | Interactive Fiction
Developer | LavosXII
Platforms | Browser (PC, Linux, OSX)
Website |

Cove of Flies is an interactive fiction Twine game in which the player enters a cave and moves in various directions a series of times in order to explore the cave. While exploring the cave the player is presented with vignettes describing various situations, like a spice trade or the player’s character’s fascination with holes or an instance where uneaten meat attracts eponymous flies.

Cove of Flies has forty four screens, one hundred two links, six pictures, four colors of orbs, one wizard, four cardinal directions, one memorial, one typo, and a cave. The player navigates through the game by selecting links, some of which are presented in the context of other links the player can choose and others of which are the only link on the page. Choosing to move in a direction in the cave progresses the player to the next stage of the game, closing off the opportunity to choose any of the other three directions at that point. The player can choose any of the four directions each time they return to the cave, and they can also replay the game to choose a direction they did not choose before in order to see what happens if, for instance, they go south rather than east when first entering the cave.

Some descriptions in Cove of Flies are presented on one screen and reveal progressively more information as the player clicks on links. Other descriptions in Cove of Flies are split across multiple screens and are revealed by moving from screen to screen by clicking on the link on each screen. Still other descriptions alter when the player returns to the cave after having gone in a direction.

The graphics in Cove of Flies are in a pixel art style. They depict a cave and four colors of orbs. The cave alters in appearance as the player progresses through the game. There are no sounds in Cove of Flies. There is no music in Cove of Flies.

Descriptions of situations in Cove of Flies depict locations, times, and other aspects that are divorced from the context of the cave in which the player is. Some descriptions refer to the past, or to temporally indistinct situations in which events are occurring, have occurred, or will occur, depending on the context in which the player chooses to read the descriptions. Dialog in Cove of Flies is sometimes referred to indirectly and sometimes presented in quotation marks. Cove of Flies does not always specify who is speaking in a scene, who is undertaking actions described in a scene, and whether or not the player’s character is the one experiencing the scene being described.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is a 9.5.