This is a screenshot of the video game Deus Ex, featuring a metal box blocking lasers. The player has a baton, a crossbow, 20 multitools, 18 lockpicks, a prod, two augmentation upgrade canisters, two augmentation canisters, and a key reing in their quick access inventory slots and has their light augmentation activated. They are facing west southwest.

Deus Ex Review

Genre | Immersive Sim / First Person Shooter, Role Playing Game
Developer | Ion Storm
Platforms | PC, OSX, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3
Website | None

Deus Ex is a first person shooter with role playing elements in which the player takes control of JC Denton, a nano-machine augmented agent working for the anti-terrorist agency UNATCO. JC is tasked with various missions which take place in various levels that allow the player to roam around, talk to people, and approach the objectives in a variety of ways with a variety of tools. The player can also shoot a basketball.

Deus Ex features fifteen levels, thirteen ranged weapons, six melee weapons, four grenades, separate hit points for each of the player’s limbs, twenty one nano-augmentations, ten consumable item types, eight utility items, eight kinds of weapon modifications, eleven upgradeable skills with four skill levels, orange and lemon-lime soda, two nightclubs, and a bomb. Skills include hacking, swimming, and pistols. Nano-augmentations include increased jump height, health regeneration, and a light.

Throughout Deus Ex, the player encounters situations that necessitate infiltrating various areas. These areas have multiple entrances that are accessible in different ways: one may be blocked by a security system while another is locked and a third is guarded, for instance. The player can move and climb on crates, hack into computers, pick locks, engage in combat, use stealth to avoid enemies, and use other strategies, allowing the player to choose how to approach situations. The game can be completed without killing more than two people, and the player can also kill almost everyone if desired. Some characters make note of who the player has or has not killed and react differently to the player based on this. The game’s plot also alters depending on who the player kills, and on other actions the player takes.

The graphics in Deus Ex are in a realistic style. They depict locations like New York and Hong Kong, enemies, allies, and neutral people, weapons, crates, and robots, including vacuum cleaner robots. The sounds in Deus Ex include conversations between various characters, including some conversations where the player can choose what JC says, and gunshots. The music in Deus Ex is in a techno style and alters dynamically depending on whether the player is in combat.

The player earns experience points in Deus Ex by accomplishing objectives, including side missions. They do not earn experience points for killing enemies. The story in the game features conspiracies, including the Illuminati, Area 51, FEMA, and a new world order; themes of anarchism versus domination, which the player can discuss with a bartender and a computer; questions of what it is to be human versus machine and genetic modification; and terrorism. Some characters in the game speak with a thick stereotypical accent. In Hong Kong, the player meets members of the Triad gang.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is a 10 out of 10.