What is an objective game review?
An objective game review is a review that is not based on the reviewer’s opinion. Most game reviewers only tell you what the reviewer thinks about the video game, but because people have different opinions, you can never be sure if the review is correct or not. An objective game review is always correct.

How do you assign an objective score to a game?
To assign a score to a game, we objectively determine which number, on a scale from one to ten, best represents the game. This number takes into consideration all of the relevant information about the game, including the game’s graphics and its story.

I disagree with one of your reviews – what makes you right and me wrong?
It’s not a matter of right and wrong – we’re just doing different things. The reviews we write and the scores we assign are objective, and if you disagree with one of them, it is probably because you have an opinion about the game that does not match the objective fact. Everyone has opinions, and that’s fine, but you shouldn’t expect your opinions always to match with the objective fact any more than you should expect your favorite foods to be the most healthy ones.

How do I know that these reviews are actually objective?
We pride ourselves on having completely objective game reviews. If you believe there is anything in our reviews that is subjective, send an email to us at comments@objectivegamereviews.com and we will correct the error, if it exists.

If you have an objective way of reviewing games and assigning scores, why can’t you tell me what it is so I can verify that it’s objective?
Other video game reviews are subjective, which means they are based on the opinion of the reviewer. Opinions are unique to each person: your opinion is different from everyone else’s opinion, even if only a little bit. This means that each reviewer can be open about where their review score comes from: it comes from their own opinion.

Our reviews are different. Because our reviews are objective, they do not differ from person to person. This means that if we told everyone how to write objective reviews, there would be nothing stopping them from starting their own objective review site! We pride ourselves on providing the most objective game reviews online, but to do this we need to be circumspect about how we arrive at the correct, objective conclusion.

Why do your scores differ from Metacritic’s scores?
One common misconception about Metacritic is that its compiled scores are objective. In reality, the Metacritic score of a game is far from objective, for four important reasons:

First, Metacritic weights review scores: a 7 out of 10 review from one reviewer is not necessarily the same as a 7 out of 10 from another reviewer when the two review scores are plugged into the formula that determines the final score. Metacritic not only  hides this weighting information – it also determines the weights subjectively!

Second, some reviewers do not assign number or letter scores to their reviews, so in these cases, Metacritic just subjectively makes up a number.

Third, Metacritic’s list of game reviewers that they use to compile their score is subjectively chosen by Metacritic. Not all game review sites are listed on Metacritic, and there are no objective criteria for which sites count – just an assertion that only so-called “high quality” sites are accepted.

Fourth, Metacritic only compiles scores from typical game reviewers, who assign subjective scores and write subjective reviews. No matter how many subjective reviews you add up, you will never get objectivity. Adding many opinions together does not equal fact. You can never pick enough oranges to make an apple pie: if you want an apple pie, you need to start with apples.

Why are you  missing a review for a specific game?
Objective Game Reviews launched on January 1st, 2014. Since then, we’ve been reviewing all sorts of games. As time goes on, we will fill out our catalog of reviews to include as many games as we can. If there is a particular game you would love to see us review, contact us and let us know!

What are Twine Tuesdays?
Twine Tuesdays are every Tuesday. On Twine Tuesday, we post an objective review of a Twine game. If you have a Twine game you’d like us to review, contact us and let us know about it!

What is Subjective Reviewer of the Month?
Each month, we feature an interview with someone who writes subjective game reviews, to highlight the difference between what we do and what other game reviewers do and to help bring a spotlight to people writing the other kind of reviews in a way that helps people understand the difference between the two kinds of reviews and the people who write them.

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