This is a screenshot of the video game Far Cry 2, featuring the player holding an assault rifle with a scope in the African savanna. In the distance the sun is setting and a wildebeest is walking.

Far Cry 2 Review

Genre | First Person Shooter
Developer | Ubisoft Montreal
Platforms | PC, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3
Website |

Far Cry 2 is a first person shooter in which the player takes control of a mercenary in Africa who is attempting to hunt down an arms dealer known as the Jackal. The player takes missions from two warring factions in an attempt to gain information about the Jackal and engages in a series of gunfights. The player can also move freely around the world and find side missions. The player has buddies, which are AI characters that can save the player from death and offer the player additional missions.

Far Cry 2 has twenty seven weapons (including sniper rifles, assault rifles, silenced weapons, and shotguns), three kinds of explosives, three vehicle mounted weapons, twenty two main missions, twelve assassination missions, twelve buddy missions, eight convoy missions, four missions for the underground resistance, two hundred twenty one collectible diamond briefcases, nine vehicles, seventeen collectible tape recordings, and malaria, which the player contracts and cannot cure. The missions the player sees on a playthrough vary depending on choices the player makes.

In Far Cry 2, weapons degrade over time. Weapons the player picks up from dead enemies degrade faster. Degraded weapons are rusty in appearance and can jam, which prevents the player from firing until they clear the jam. The player can purchase weapons from arms dealers and unlock additional weapons by completing convoy ambush missions. Purchased weapons are available in safe houses. Safe houses are guarded by enemies, and when enemies around a safe house are eliminated, the player can use the safe house. Vehicles in Far Cry 2 break down when they take damage. The player can repair a vehicle by exiting the vehicle and fixing the engine. Combatants from both factions fire on the player in most areas, whether or not the player is currently on a mission for one of the factions.

The graphics in Far Cry 2 are in a realistic style. They depict deserts, jungles, shanty towns, villages, road checkpoints, villas, airfields, rivers, waterfalls, junkyards, farms, cattle ranches, oil pipelines, animals, sunsets, explosions, fire, and injured enemies that are being dragged to safety by their fellow soldiers. The sounds in Far Cry 2 include conversations between enemies about what they suspect the player is doing, popping noises as a fire spreads to an ammo cache and sets off bullets, and explosions. The music in Far Cry 2 is orchestral in style and features drums, singing in Pulaar, koras, and other instruments from areas of Africa.

Far Cry does not feature a crosshair, a minimap, or any icons on the screen indicating the location of enemies or items. The map consists of a map that the player’s character pulls out and looks at. To view the map while driving the player must look down, obscuring their vision of the road. The player’s health bar and ammunition count shows up only during combat. When the player’s health is in its last bar, the player loses health until they heal themselves by triggering an animation like pulling a bullet out of their palm with pliers or resetting a dislocated arm. The player’s buddies give them opportunities to accomplish alternative objectives during story missions. Accomplishing these alternative objectives typically requires engaging in actions that are deleterious to the population in the area, like destroying a farm with defoliant chemicals. Buddies who are badly injured can be saved by injecting them with one of the syrettes the player can use to heal themselves. If the player is out of syrettes they can execute their buddy to end their buddy’s pain.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is a 9 out of 10.