This is a screenshot of the video game Far Cry 3 featuring the player holding an assault rifle and looking into the water where a jeep has fallen. In the bottom left is a minimap displaying the player's location and the player's health.

Far Cry 3 Review

Genre | First Person Shooter
Developer | Ubisoft Montreal
Platforms | PC, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3
Website |

Far Cry 3 is a first person shooter in which the player takes control of Jason Brody, a bro who is on vacation with his brother and his friends. Brody and his friends visit the Rook Islands and are captured by pirates. The player then escapes and attempts to rescue Brody’s friends by killing pirates and assisting the native inhabitants of the island in their fight against the pirates. The player can also hunt, punch, and skin animals, craft various pieces of equipment, pick plants, climb up to the top of radio towers, use zip lines, torture someone, fly through the air with a wingsuit, execute two enemies simultaneously with a melee kill, find and read letters written by Japanese soldiers, and swim.

Far Cry 3 has twenty nine weapons, fifty four skills, thirty nine story missions, five types of side missions, seven kinds of weapon attachments, twelve usable vehicles, thirty eight craftable equipment items, thirteen craftable syringes, one hundred twenty collectible stone relics, five categories of plant, thirty three outposts the player can attack and capture, five kinds of explosives, and nine unique animals that must be killed to complete the hunting side quests, including a rare golden tiger and an albino crocodile.

In Far Cry 3 the player is sometimes able to move freely around the game world. They can climb radio towers to reveal parts of the map and unlock free weapons at safe houses located in outposts. Outposts are guarded by enemies and the player can kill all enemies at an outpost to liberate it, which returns the outpost to control of the natives of the islands. During missions, the player is often unable to move freely around the game world without failing the mission. The game’s UI directs the player to their mission objective or the next mission, and it also highlights enemies, plants, and other things the player can interact with by placing various icons over them on the screen and on the minimap.

The graphics in Far Cry 3 are in a realistic style. They feature jungles, the water around the islands, sand on beaches, ruins, caves, outposts, docks, villages,  pop-up objective notifications, explosions, bright red vests worn by enemies, and a series of nested menus through which the player accesses their inventory and other screens. The sounds in Far Cry 3 include conversations between the Jason and his friends, family, and enemies, and explosions. The music in Far Cry 3 is atmospheric,  orchestral, and electronic in style. The game also features a song by M.I.A. and a song by Skrillex and Damian Marley and music on the radio when the player enters a vehicle.

The player earns experience in Far Cry 3 for finishing missions, killing enemies in certain ways, eliminating enemies at outposts, and undertaking other objectives. Eliminating enemies at outposts without being seen grants more experience. Experience can be used to level up a tribal tattoo on the player’s arm, which grants additional abilities. The player can attack enemies stealthily by using quiet weapons or using instant melee kills. The player can find money on dead enemies and in the environment and spend this money on weapons, items, and colorful paint jobs for weapons. After beating the game, the player can continue to explore the islands.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8.5 out of 10.