This is a screenshot of the video game Flappy Bird, featuring the player's character flying between two pipes with a score of five.

Flappy Bird Review

Genre | Platformer
Developer | .GEARS Studios
Platforms | iOS, Android
Website | None

Flappy Bird is a game in which the player taps the screen to cause the player’s character, the eponymous flappy bird, to flap its wings and move upwards. The player must navigate the bird through a series of openings between pipes. Colliding with or getting near a pipe results in a game over.

Flappy Bird contains one level that goes on until the player loses and that can be replayed, one way to earn points, one kind of obstacle which varies in height randomly, one action which is controlled by tapping anywhere on the screen, three birds, two backgrounds, and three medals that can be earned based on the number of points the player scores.

The height that the player’s character rises when the screen is tapped is fixed. The player can tap repeatedly to gain altitude. When the player does not tap, the player’s character loses altitude.

The graphics in Flappy Bird are in the style of Mario games. They feature three colors of birds, one color of pipe, a night background, a day background, a “play” button to start the game, and a menu showing the player’s score in the game and the player’s highest score. The sounds in Flappy Bird are a flapping sound the bird makes when flapping, an impact sound the bird makes when it hits a pipe, a descending tone when the bird falls after hitting a pipe, a jingle when the bird passes between two pipes, and a swooping noise that plays when menu items appear and menu buttons are pressed. There is no music in Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird does not contain any microtransactions or variations in difficulty. For the player to navigate the bird through the pipes they must time their taps so as not to rise high enough to hit the top pipe and so as not to fall low enough to hit the bottom pipe. The number of taps required to reach a height that allows the bird to pass between the pipes varies depending on where the pipe opening is and the time that has passed since the player last tapped.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is a 5.5 out of 10.