This is a screenshot of the video game The Floor is Jelly, featuring the player's character standing on the jelly floor. To the player's left are a series of plants. To the player's right is an obstacle. There is water on the level and plants growing on the underside of the platform the player is standing on.

The Floor is Jelly Review

Genre | Puzzle Platformer
Developer | Ian Snyder
Platforms | PC, OSX
Website |

The Floor is Jelly is a game in which the player takes control of a small creature which can run, jump, and slide around a world in which the eponymous floor is made of eponymous jelly, which bounces and jiggles as the player interacts with it. The player must run, jump, and slide through a series of levels to reach doors and elevators while avoiding obstacles and solving puzzles that prevent the player from reaching the door.

The Floor is Jelly features more than ninety levels, six game mechanics, frogs, and overworld sections where the player picks which series of levels to enter next. The player’s character can jump, cling to walls, and walk left and right. The player’s jump height can be augmented by bouncing on jelly. While clinging to walls, the player’s character slides downwards.

In each level of The Floor is Jelly, the player must progress from the level entrance to an exit. Some levels have multiple exits and link together with other levels, allowing the player to progress through levels in an order depending on which exit they choose to use. All levels require the player to move and jump to reach the exit. Some levels require the player to solve puzzles to reach the exit, such as finding a way to unblock the exit. Other levels require the player to avoid obstacles that destroy the player’s character if touched. Falling off the edge of a level or being destroyed results in the player’s character reappearing at the exit. Some levels feature both puzzles and obstacles.

The graphics in The Floor is Jelly are in a stylized style. They feature flat colors for the player’s character, the jelly, other creatures, and the obstacles, and colored gradients for the backgrounds and plants. Some plants react graphically when the player moves near them. Pink, blue, and white are featured, among other colors. The sound in The Floor is Jelly features a poof noise when the player’s character is destroyed by an obstacle, and sproingy noises when the player jumps. The music in The Floor is Jelly features ambient, electronic, piano, and other styles of music.

Some levels in The Floor is Jelly require the player to execute a series of jumps between obstacles to reach the exist. Missing one of the last jumps in the sequence requires the player to begin again. Some levels in The Floor is Jelly allow the player to reach the exit by bouncing around on the jelly enough to form a depression deep enough that the player’s character can touch the exit and complete the level before the jelly springs back. The colors schemes in the levels shift as the player visits different levels.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8 out of 10.