This is a screenshot of Gunpoint. It features two buildings with security guards and the player in between.

Gunpoint Review

Genre | Puzzle Platformer
Developer | Suspicious Developments
Platforms | PC

In Gunpoint the player takes control of a private investigator who is tasked with breaking into buildings and stealing information via the use of stealth and gadgets.The player is equipped with a number of tools, including pants that allow them to jump across distances and fall without taking any damage, and a device called the “Crosslink” which allows the player to rewire electronic things so that their performance is altered. The player cannot engage in direct combat and must ambush or avoid guards to succeed. Gunpoint has 21 full levels but the player will only play 20 on any given playthrough because the game branches at one point.

The crosslink device allows for a variety of puzzle solutions. For instance, the player can rewire a light switch so that it opens a door, then link a security camera to the light. When the player is detected by the camera, it will turn off the light. When a guard attempts to turn the light on, it will open the door, allowing the player to progress. Puzzles in the game can be solved through many different uses of the crosslink and the other gadgets.

The graphics in Gunpoint are in the style of pixel art. The player’s cursor changes color to indicate when the area the cursor is held over is one that a guard can see. The story is a noir story and includes double-crosses, wrongful accusations, illegality, and violence. The story also has jokes.

The player can sneak up on a guard and punch that guard in the face as many time as the player wishes to do so. The player’s actions are also tracked, and the player receives a rating for each level that ranks their abilities. At the end of the game the player sees their choices, including whether they killed anyone, and the game allows them to write a short story summing up their experience, which can then be shared.

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