This is a screenshot of Hotline Miami. It features the player near a dead enemy and a number of live enemies.

Hotline Miami Review

Genre | Action
Developer | Dennaton Games
Platforms | PC, PlayStation 3, Vita, Linux, OSX

Hotline Miami is a top down action game in which the player is tasked with killing a large number of enemies in each level. The player and the enemies are both vulnerable to weapons and die quickly when attacked.

The game has 21 levels. The player can equip a number of weapons that they take from dead enemies, including firearms like shotguns and melee weapons like crowbars and knives. Firearms make a lot of noise and attract enemies. Enemy types include normal human beings, dogs, and large human beings who must be shot to be killed.

All weapons can be thrown to knock down enemies, and enemies can be knocked down if they are standing behind a door the player runs through. Enemies who are knocked down can be executed by the player. The player earns additional points for killing enemies in certain ways and for accumulating a combo by killing many enemies in a short period. The player chooses from a variety of animal masks when the level begins, and each mask grants a different special power, like the ability to kill enemies with doors.

The music in Hotline Miami is electronic music inspired by music from the 1980s. The game itself is set in the 1980s in Miami. The player receives calls from a hotline which tells them who to kill.

After each level, the player walks back through the level to their car, passing all of the dead bodies and blood that they have left in their wake.

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