This is a screenshot of the video game I'm Fine, featuring a description of the player's actions, a depiction of an event the player has arrived at, and details about that event written above the picture.

I’m Fine Chapter 1 Review

Genre | Interactive Fiction
Developer | Rokashi
Platforms | PC, OSX
Website |

I’m Fine Chapter 1 is an interactive fiction game in which the player plays as a person by choosing various actions and reading the results of these actions. The text in the game narrates the person’s actions to the player with a mix of first and second person narration. The person the game is about is depressed and is not eponymously fine.

I’m Fine Chapter 1 contains ten pictures, seven choices, five conversations, one song, two hotkeys, and a branching narrative. The player interacts with the game by clicking on text to advance the story and to make a choice in instances where more than one link is available. At some points the player clicks to advance the text without clicking on a specific link.

I’m Fine Chapter 1 has some scenes that take place in the present and other scenes that take place in the past. Sometimes scenes are described as simultaneously in the past and in the present. Some scenes are only accessible if the player makes a choice in a conversation that closes off access to other scenes. The game proceeds in a linear order, with situations where the player can choose options that reveal a series of other choices and screens to read or options that take a more direct path to the end of the game.

The graphics in I’m Fine Chapter 1 are hand drawn pictures that accompany certain screens. They depict a phone, a bottle of pills, hands, a car, and other things. There are no sounds in I’m Fine Chapter 1. The music in I’m Fine Chapter 1 is a track that contains piano music and electronic music.

At some points in I’m Fine Chapter 1 the amount of text is such that advancing to the next screen of text scrolls the text to the extent that some of the text near the top goes off the screen before the player can read it. The player can replay I’m Fine Chapter 1 to pick different options and view additional scenes that they did not view previously. Scenes depict conversations, including text message conversations, memories of traumatic situations, and other things. Suicide is mentioned.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8.5 out of 10.