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Insurgency Review

Genre | Tactical First Person Shooter
Developer | New World Interactive
Platforms | PC, OSX
Website |

Insurgency is a team-based tactical first person shooter in which players fight against the enemy team in order to accomplish objectives. Players can aim down iron sights in Insurgency to fire bullets more accurately, and they die when shot with a few bullets. Players respawn in waves after a period of time, as long as their team has respawn waves remaining or is able to capture a control point. The game includes a coop mode against AI opponents.

Insurgency features sixteen primary weapons, two secondary weapons, a knife, six kinds of explosives, fifteen character classes, ten weapon attachments, two kind of body armor, two kinds of chest-worn ammunition magazine carriers, seven maps, one skin color, seven game modes, no crosshairs or health bars, forty seven achievements, three stances that range from standing to prone, and two possible directions in which the player can lean.

In the Push game mode, the attacking team must capture control points before time runs out. Capturing a point rewards the attackers with additional time. To win the Skirmish game mode, a team must capture all the control points and destroy a cache near the enemy’s spawn, or kill the entire enemy team. In Skirmish mode, teams earn addition respawn waves by capturing points, unless their cache has been destroyed, in which case they respawn when they capture a point but do not gain an additional respwan wave. In Strike and Search and Destroy game modes, the attacking team must locate and then destroy weapon caches. When aiming down iron sights, weapons sway, more so if the player has recently sprinted. The player can cause their character to hold their breath for a period of time to reduce the sway.

The graphics in Insurgency are in a realistic style, with the exception of sparks which are sometimes displayed when bullets hit a player. The graphics depict locations like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia, varied player models depending on the player’s class, smoke from smoke grenades, and blood. The sounds in Insurgency include yelling, bullet impacts, and the sound of players speaking over VOIP chat, unless they are behind a wall, dead, or too far away. The music in Insurgency is orchestral in style.

To gain access to weapons, weapon attachments, and gear, players first select a class depending on which classes are not currently filled in the match. Players then allocate supply points to the gear they wish to use. Players can earn more supply points during a match by accomplishing objectives. Supply points are earned on a per-match basis and do not persist between matches, meaning every player begins each match with identical amounts of supply. Being shot at causes the player to experience suppression, which blurs their screen and makes their weapon shake. There are no kill notifications.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8 out of 10.