Jazzpunk Screenshot

Jazzpunk Review

Genre | First Person Adventure Game
Developer | Necrophone Games
Platforms | PC, Mac, Linux
Website | http://necrophonegames.com/jazzpunk/

Jazzpunk is a first person adventure game in which the player is tasked with undertaking a series of missions given to them by The Director, a man in charge of the organization the player works for. To accomplish these missions, the player visits a variety of locations around the globe and interacts with the people and objects there by collecting items, using them on things, and exploring. Jokes often occur throughout the game.

Jazzpunk features five main missions, four side quests, two interludes, one vacation, more than seven minigames, three VHS cassette tapes, forty nine antique vases, eleven levels, and spiders. It contains references to movies like Blade Runner, Gremlins, Psycho, Demolition Man, and James Bond, to games like QuakeWarcraft 2, and Space Invaders, and to various concepts like ARPANET, the Lindbergh baby, Hunter S. Thompson, and computer graphics and programming terms.

Jazzpunk is set in a world that contains robots and other technology that is inspired by the 1950s and designs, motifs, and colors also inspired by the 1950s. Levels allow the player to explore in order to discover side quests and other content. The music that players in Jazzpunk often varies based on the area of the level the player is in. This causes certain parts of each level to have their own soundtrack.

The graphics in Jazzpunk are in a stylistic style. Characters have a black outline around them and environments feature flat colors and cartoon style textures. Some textures are of a lower resolution than other textures. The sounds in Jazzpunk include spoken dialog that accompanies the subtitles that appear on a character and that sometimes does not match up with the subtitle, such that the mismatch creates a humorous situation. The music in Jazzpunk is in the style of 1950s music and was created on analog devices.

Jokes in Jazzpunk are in various styles, including references to other things, slapstick humor, sarcasm, absurdist humor, double entendres, and sight gags. Some objectives in Jazzpunk require the player to make use of an item to accomplish an objective. The player can sometimes use these items on objects and people that are not the objects and people that are part of the objective. This often generates a joke.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is a 9 out of 10.