This is a screenshot of Kentucky Route 0 Act II. It features a large eagle in a forest.

Kentucky Route 0 Act II Review

Genre | Adventure, Interactive Fiction, Art
Developer | Cardboard Computer
Platforms | PC, Linux, OSX

Kentucky Route 0 is an adventure game set in the Southern United States with elements of magical realism. The player controls various characters and at certain points no character by choosing dialog options and exploring the world. This is a review of Act II.

Act II of Kentucky Route 0 continues the adventures of Conway and his companions. The controls are the same as in the previous act. The player visits various locations and some occurrences depend on what the player did in the last act.

The second act begins in a location that is either inside or outside. The characters themselves are unsure and the player plays through a number of conversations where the topic is discussed. Later, bureaucracy becomes involved, as does an elevator and the eponymous Kentucky Route 0.

The game has flat shaded polygonal graphics. The soundtrack is a mixture of electronic music and bluegrass music. The player enters a forest and the trees in the forest block things in an abstract manner, such that some trees that are behind others block objects that are in front of the farther back trees. This shifted perspective alters as the player moves through the forest, creating a visual effect that is surreal in that it does not obey the normal laws of perspective.

In one scene of the game the player does not directly pick the dialog for Conway and his companions. Instead, the player is presented a conversation between other people, discussing Conway’s actions after the fact, and the choices the player makes in this conversation are reflect on the screen, where the player is still controlling Conway in the present.