The King of Fighters XIII Screenshot

The King of Fighters XIII Review

Genre | Fighting
Developer | SNK Playmore
Platforms | PC, PlayStation 3, XBOX 360
Website |

The King of Fighters XIII is a fighting game where players build a team of three characters, control one at a time, and direct the actions of each character in an attempt to defeat their opponent before their opponent defeats them.

The King of Fighters XIII takes place from a third-person perspective on a two-dimensional plane. There are thirty three characters, one alternate version each of three of the characters, ten different selectable color palettes plus five customizable palettes, twenty three stages, twenty six different musical themes, thirteen of which are on the A-type soundtrack, and thirteen of which are on the B-type soundtrack, as well as four hundred special moves, including super moves, variations on those moves, and one Neomax per character.

Characters can cancel their normal attacks into special attacks or into super moves. Super Cancels cost half of the Hyper-Drive meter and allow the player to cancel from a special attack into a super move. For the same amount of the Hyper-Drive meter, characters can also Drive-Cancel a special into another special by inputting the control combos for the specials one after the other, which can puts the player in a situation to then use a super at no extra cost to their Hyper-Drive meter. When players have a completely filled Hyper-Drive meter, they can cancel their normal attack into Hyper-Drive mode, which allows them to use up to five drive cancels in one combo. This results in combos that play most of the character’s animations and cause 75% to 100% damage with a single hit.

The graphics are in the style of Japanese anime cartoons. Men have more prominent biceps and pectorals than the previous King of Fighters games. Older woman are drawn with larger breasts and younger woman are drawn with large eyes on small faces. The music is primarily a mix of rock and dance tracks, with occasional intercuts of flamenco, jazz, and traditional Japanese instruments. Both the A and B-type soundtracks feature remixes of songs from previous King of Fighters titles, plus tracks that are taken from the Neo-Geo console that used synthesized instruments.

The King of Fighters XIII features hops, hyper hops, rolls, guard cancel rolls, and guard cancel blowbacks. Hops are similar to jumps, but lower to the ground. Hyper hops are hops with wider arcs. Rolls give the character rolling a few frames of hit invincibility while moving forward or backward, with a few vulnerable frames at the end of the roll. Guard cancel rolls are activated by pressing the roll command whilst in blockstun from an opponents attack, and they offer both hit and throw invincibility during all frames of the roll animation. Guard cancel blowbacks are activated by pressing the blowback attack command in blockstun, and activates an attack that sends the opponent flying across the screen. Both guard cancel rolls and guard cancel blowbacks deplete the Hyper-Drive meter. Players must decide whether they prefer to hold on to meter to escape from offensive pressure or whether to use meter to do more damage in a combo when they score a hit.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8.5 out of 10.