This is a screenshot of Luxuria Superbia, featuring a partially colored green flower that the player has touched in the bottom left and upper right more recently than they have touched it in the upper left and the lower right.

Luxuria Superbia Review

Genre | Art
Developer | Tale of Tales
Platforms | PC, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS, Ouya
Website |

Luxuria Superbia is a game in which the player moves through and touches the insides of a three dimensional tunnel shaped like  a flower. Once the player has scored enough points, they can finish the flower by filling it entirely with color, or continue to touch the flower to earn more points and reach a higher rank. The game can be played with other players if the player has an additional controller or is playing on a touch device.

Luxuria Superbia features twelve flowers, three point rankings per flower, one column per flower than can be filled by scoring a total number of points per flower during one session or over multiple sessions, seeds that the player can collect when they finish a flower if they have scored high enough, and up to three different control methods: touch controls, gamepad controls, and mouse controls.

The player’s score in Luxuria Superbia counts up as the flower is evenly colored. To color a flower, the player touches buds in the flower. Flowers are divided into lanes, each of which receives color from its own buds. Lanes lose their color after none of their buds have been touched in a certain amount of time. Filling all the lanes with color will finish the flower. Finishing a flower too early prevents the player from unlocking the next flour, so players that wish to progress must choose how quickly and where to touch the flower. Players can use different motions to fill lanes with color, like holding steady over a series of buds, moving in concentric circles to touch buds in different lanes, and tapping at buds in lanes that the player wants to color.

The graphics in Luxuria Superbia are abstract in style. Each flower is a different color. When buds are touched in each flower, icons often appear, and these icons are different for each flower. The sounds in Luxuria Superbia include birds chirping between levels, chimes when buds are touched, and sometimes a woman exhaling. The music in Luxuria Superbia dynamically changes based on the player’s progress through a flower and the amount of color in a flower. It varies between levels and sometimes features string instruments, drums, bleeps, horns, a woman singing, and other elements.

The flowers in Luxuria Superbia behave differently. The first flower the player touches has four lanes and each flower after that has an additional lane. Flowers with more lanes require more touching. The speed at which various lanes lose color, the arrangement of buds in lanes, the number of buds that need to be touched to color the lanes, and the amount of time the flower needs to be colored before the player earns enough points to unlock the next flower all vary. Quotes appear while the player is touching the flowers, including “fly my balloon,” “every drop is yours,” “keep doing that,” and “slingshot around my sun.”

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8.5 out of 10.