A screenshot of Mass Effect 3, featuring the player's character holding two fingers near his ear.

Mass Effect 3 Review

Genre | Third Person Shooter with optional RPG elements
Developer | BioWare
Platforms | PC, PS3, XBOX 360, Wii U

Mass Effect 3 is the third game in the Mass Effect series. It is a science fiction third person shooter game. The player can enable or disable RPG elements in the menu. The game concludes the story of Commander Shepard, the player’s character, who fights against an invasion of Reapers, robotic invaders that wish to destroy all intelligent life in the galaxy by shooting them with lasers or turning them into robotic zombies or soup.

Mass Effect 3 has six gun types, each with multiple guns, and a number of gun modifications which can be added to guns to alter their performance. The player’s character in Mass Effect 3 can be one of six classes, and the player can pick whatever class they want, even if they import a character that already has a class from an earlier Mass Effect game. Each class has various abilities that they can use in combat, and all classes can use guns. The player’s character can sleep with up to eleven other characters, although not all in the same playthrough. Mass Effect 3 also features a multiplayer mode with additional character classes.

In the beginning of Mass Effect 3 the Reapers arrive on Earth and kill most of the people there. They also do similar things to the homeworlds of other alien races. While the survivors attempt to fight back, the player leaves Earth to fly around the galaxy and carry out various objectives, like flying around in empty space scanning for useful things or answering a distress beacon at a private school. The player meets characters from the previous Mass Effect games and can go on missions with them. The outcomes of these missions are often determined by what happened in the previous games.

The graphics in Mass Effect 3 are in a realistic style. There are many aliens that look similar to each other except sometimes they are wearing different clothes. The humans display more variation. The music in the game is orchestral. The sound consist of many different gun fire noises, space noises, and conversations between the characters. Many of the conversations are about the Reapers.

At one point the player stands on a small ledge and dodges enemy fire to line up a laser designator so that a bombardment can be targeted on a Reaper. At another point the player’s ship, the SSV Normandy, targets a similar shot without the player’s involvement. After the first instance, a Reaper tells the player that the Reaper plan is incomprehensible to humans.  At the end of Mass Effect 3 the player can comprehend the Reaper’s plan by engaging in dialog with a character. They can then choose from among a number of endings. Some details of the endings depend on what the player has done thus far, while many other details depend on the choice the player makes at the end. There are also some details of the endings that do not vary between the various choices. Throughout the game the player is able to make various other choices, including whether to commit genocide and whether to let a journalist in a tight white tank top shirt onto the player’s ship.

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