This is a screenshot of the video game Mirror's Edge, featuring the player standing on a ledge looking down into a sewer system while police with flashlights search for the player below.

Mirror’s Edge Review

Genre | First Person Shooter, Platformer, Puzzle
Developer | EA Digital Illusions CE
Platforms | PC, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3
Website |

Mirror’s Edge is a first person platformer game with shooting and puzzle elements. The player controls Faith, a “runner.” Runners traverse the rooftops and streets of a city to deliver packages. In the game, the player delivers one package in the prologue and then becomes embroiled in a plot that does not involve delivering packages. Faith must navigate through the city by jumping, climbing, running, riding in elevators, and engaging in other acrobatic maneuvers while also encountering enemies, helicopters, and enemy helicopters.

Mirror’s Edge features eleven story levels, including a prologue and a tutorial, twenty three time trial maps drawn from the story missions, eleven guns, thirty hidden collectible bags, and no HUD aside from a crosshair that can be disabled in the options menu.

Mirror’s Edge contains some sections where the player must navigate across a rooftop, down a street, or through a building while being chased by enemies, some sections where the player can choose to engage in combat or evade enemies, and some sections where no enemies are present and the player must discover how to progress. There are multiple avenues for navigating the world that can be accessed via jumping, wall running, climbing, sliding, punching a door to open it, and other maneuvers. If the player does not disable “Runner Vision” in the game’s menu, the game highlights parts of the environment in red to demonstrate a possible path forward. This path is not always the fastest path.

The graphics in Mirror’s Edge are in a realistic style, with the exception of plants, which are white rather than green. Bright colors and bright lights feature in many of the situations, particularly the color white. The sounds in Mirror’s Edge include the impact of bullets on metal as enemies fire at the player, the sound of Faith running out of breath, and radio messages and conversations between characters. The music in Mirror’s Edge is electronic music that alters in style based on what the player is doing.

The player is able to engage in combat in Mirror’s Edge by using momentum and height to increase the power of their kicks and dives, by punching enemies, by disarming and knocking out enemies, and by stealing weapons and firing at enemies. Ammunition cannot be replenished except by disarming another enemy and taking their weapon. The player can also avoid combat. In Mirror’s Edge, Faith’s sister, a police officer, is framed for a murder she did not commit. To help clear her name, Faith can murder dozens of police officers.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8.5 out of 10.