This is a screenshot of the video game notes from the casketgirl, featuring gray text on a black background which describes an observation contained within the game about viewing things and violence. There is one link for the player to click on.

notes from the casketgirl Review

Genre | Interactive Fiction
Developer | Sloane
Platforms | Browser (PC, Linux, OSX)
Website |

notes from the casketgirl is an interactive fiction Twine game in which the player reads the eponymous notes from the casketgirl and clicks on links in order to progress through the notes. The notes describe what the casketgirl does, how she feels about it, and what the caskets are for, according to her. Sound and visual effects underscore various situations in the game.

notes from the casketgirl contains fifty two screens, fifty two links, one animated picture, zero still pictures, eight sounds, some of which are repeated more than once and some of which play for an extended period of time,  one casketgirl, coffins, twelve parentheses, four commas, two colons, bodies, and two occurrences of words that contravene the rules of grammar. The player interacts with the game by clicking on links to advance. Some links are single words and other links are a series of words.

In notes from the casketgirl the notes the player reads communicate what the casketgirl thinks about the powers the caskets have. She says they have the power to get people to see things through their bodies, similar to how people see things through their eyes. The notes sometimes refer to some aspect of the casketgirl’s life and at other times address the reader in a generic second person style. This roots the source of the information in the casketgirl’s own thoughts on the situation as relayed to the player. The game does not provide any information outside the contextual framework of the casketgirl’s own reports. This leaves the player bereft of a means of checking the veracity of the casketgirl’s proclamations about the powers of the casket, with the exception of the sounds the game plays, which are not contextualized as specifically being reported by the casketgirl herself in the same manner as the words in the notes.

The graphics in notes from the casketgirl include one animated picture and gray text on a black background. Links that the player can click on are in bold type. The size and clarity of the text alters at various parts in the game. The sounds in notes from the casketgirl include the sound of a shovel digging in the ground, the sound of a heartbeat, and the sound of something wooden opening. There is no music in notes from the casketgirl.

The text in notes from the casketgirl does not contain any capitalized letters. Sometimes there is a empty space between two lines of text. Other times lines of text immediately follow each other. Line breaks divide sentences, as do page breaks. The notes from the casketgirl are not addressed to any reader in particular and do not ascribe any characteristics to the player. The content of the notes are ambivalent as to whether the inhabitants of the coffins being described are alive, dead, in some third state, or in some mix of any of the three options.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is a 9 out of 10.