Luxuria Superbia Review

Genre | Art
Developer | Tale of Tales
Platforms | PC, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS, Ouya
Website |

Luxuria Superbia is a game in which the player moves through and touches the insides of a three dimensional tunnel shaped like  a flower. Once the player has scored enough points, they can finish the flower by filling it entirely with color, or continue to touch the flower to earn more points and reach a higher rank. The game can be played with other players if the player has an additional controller or is playing on a touch device.

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The Bridge Review

Genre | Puzzle Platformer
Developer | Ty Taylor and Mario Castañeda
Platforms | PC, XBOX 360
Website |

The Bridge is a puzzle platformer game in which the player controls a man who must navigate through levels and exit through a door. Obstacles prevent the player from exiting the level until the player has overcome these obstacles. The obstacles include a ball that can crush the player, keys that must be collected to unlock the door, non-Euclidean geometry that prevents the player from walking to the door, and doors that can only be entered by a white man, which the player’s character sometimes is not.

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Atom Zombie Smasher Review

Genre | Strategy
Developer | Blendo Games
Platforms | PC, Linux, OSX
Website |

Atom Zombie Smasher is a strategy game in which the player attempts to evacuate the citizens of Nuevos Aires from zombie-infested areas and push back the invading zombie hordes. The player must send in helicopters to airlift civilians while using artillery, soldiers, snipers, and other hired mercenaries to hold back the zombies. Between missions, slide show vignettes narrate the history of Nuevos Aires and the zombie war.

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Vault 101 // Fallout 3 T-Shirt Review

Genre | Clothing
Developer | Versus Mode
Platforms | Human Body, Closet, Wardrobe
Website |

Vault 101 // Fallout 3 is a T-Shirt made by Versus Mode featuring a stylized design of the door to Vault 101, a location in Fallout 3. The shirt can be worn as an item of apparel in instances where the social conventions require clothing at least as formal as a T-Shirt to be worn, and it can also be used in other instances as clothing or as something else, like a flag or a bandage.

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Slave of God Review

Genre | Art Adventure
Developer | Increpare Games
Platforms | PC, OSX
Website |

Slave of God is a first person adventure game in which the player explores a night club and interacts with the people in the club and with other things in the club, like drinks acquired from the bartender. The player can accomplish various tasks which subsequently cause the game to end.

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Strike Vector Review

Genre | Flight Sim Shooter
Developer | Ragequit Corporation
Platforms | PC
Website |

Strike Vector is a multiplayer flight sim shooter in which the player pilots an eponymous strike vector, a flying vehicle that can fly through the air in Vector mode and hover in Harrier mode. Varied weapons and customizations allow players to employ different tactics, such as using a cloaking device to get close to enemies unnoticed in order to destroy them with a shotgun or using a speed boost and homing missiles to evade enemy fire while simultaneously engaging the enemy. When the player is killed, they can steer their destroyed strike vector in an effort to crash into an enemy.

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Thunder Wolves Review

Genre | Action Flight Sim
Developer | Most Wanted Entertainment
Platforms | PC, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3
Website |

Thunder Wolves is a third person action flight sim in which the player controls a helicopter, which itself is controlled by a pilot and a gunner working for the eponymous Thunder Wolves, an organization that kills terrorists. The player is tasked with destroying enemy infantry, vehicles, helicopters, and buildings, and with accomplishing other objectives. Most things in the game explode, yell, or explode and yell at some point.

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Analogue: A Hate Story Review

Genre | Interactive Fiction
Developer | Christine Love
Platforms | PC, Linux, OSX
Website |

In Analogue: A Hate Story, the player investigates a derelict Korean space ship that disappeared more than six hundred years earlier in order to recover the ship’s logs and sell them to the Saeju Colony Historical Society. The player must interact with the ship’s computer and its two artificial intelligences in order to discover what happened and recover the logs. Due to the ship’s damage, the player’s actions are limited to presenting documents they’ve discovered to the AIs and responding to questions. Depending on the player’s answers and the documents they present, the player can progress the plot in various directions.

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Company of Heroes 2 Review

Genre | Real Time Strategy
Developer | Relic Entertainment
Platforms | PC
Website |

Company of Heroes 2 is a real time strategy game set in World War II. Players take control of the German or Russian armies and attempt to defeat their opponents by reducing the enemy’s victory points to zero or destroying the enemy’s base. Company of Heroes 2 features ColdTech™, which causes units to move slower in snow and die during blizzards after a certain amount of time spent away from a heat, and TrueSight™, which prevents units from seeing through walls, certain trees, and buildings, including buildings with windows in them.

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No-One Has to Die Review

Genre | Puzzle, Interactive Fiction
Developer | Stuart Madafiglio
Platforms | Browser
Website |

In No-One Has to Die, the player controls a visitor to a building who is tasked with controlling the security systems in order to save workers at the building from a fire that has broken out. Throughout the game, the player learns more about the workers and the company that they work for.

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