This is a screenshot of the video game qrth-phyl, featuring the player navigating their avatar through the interior of dark blue three dimensional box in the direction of glowing dots that, when collected, will elongate the player's avatar and add to the player's point total, which is currently 1015.

qrth-phyl Review

Genre | Puzzle
Developer | hermitgames
Platforms | PC, XBOX 360
Website |

qrth-phyl is a puzzle video game in which the player controls an elongated snake-like avatar that grows each time it collects glowing dots. The player must collect a number of glowing dots on each level without hitting obstacles or their own tail. After having collected enough dots, the player progresses to the next level. Levels alternate between levels that take place on flat planes and the outsides of cuboids and levels that take place in three dimensional space inside cuboids.

qrth-phyl contains infinite levels based on ten templates that are generated via an algorithm that adapts to the player’s performance in the game, three lives, five kinds of obstacles, two kinds of powerups, dots, and a history lesson. On levels that take place on flat planes or the outsides of cuboids, the player moves freely on the plane or on the faces of the cube. When they reach the edge, they transfer to the other side. In levels that take place inside cuboids, the player moves through three dimensional space and can roll in either direction to reorient the camera.

When the player gets close to an obstacle or wall in qrth-phyl, their avatar veers a slight amount so as not to hit the obstacle or wall. If the player continues to move in the direction of the obstacle or wall, they impact on it an lose a life. One kind of obstacle in qrth-phyl is a green powerup that grants points. When the player collects the powerup, straight lines radiate out from it for a period of time. Touching any of these lines causes the player to lose a life. Other obstacles include blocks that move and blocks that flash in and out of the level.

The graphics in qrth-phyl are in an abstract style. Many objects glow. Green, yellow, red, and blue are common colors. The sounds in qrth-phyl include a buzzing tone that varies in pitch as the player turns more or less sharply, a noise that is played when the player collects dots, and a noise when the player dies. The music in qrth-phyl is electronic in style.

If the player collects a series of dots in a short period of time, the remaining dots on the level begin to flash a different color. Collecting these dots while they flash results in more points than collecting plain dots.  One powerup in qrth-phyl is a blue powerup that dissolves the player’s avatar’s body into a series of dots, allowing the player to retrace their steps to collect additional dots. When the player earns enough points on a level to enter the next level, an opening forms. The player can enter this opening immediately or stay on the level to collect additional dots and score more points.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is a 9.5.