This is a screenshot of the video game Queer Pirate Plane, featuring a description of the player's character sitting in a plane and experiencing ear pain from the air pressure. The player's two options are "Grip armrests" and "Relax." In the upper right there is a "Restart Story" button that is white.

Queer Pirate Plane Review

Genre | Interactive Fiction
Developer | merritt kopas
Platforms | Browser (PC, Linux, OSX)
Website |

Queer Pirate Plane is an interactive fiction Twine game in which the player takes control of a woman who boards the eponymous plane and experiences an adventure along with their friends on the plane. The player is presented with descriptions of what is occurring and clicks on text options to choose what to do in various situations.

Queer Pirate Plane features fifty nine pages with descriptions, ten choices, six pals, eight plane moods, one transformation, and a credits page. The player only encounters a subset of the fifty nine pages during each playthrough, because selecting certain choices causes the game to display some pages rather than other pages. There is a non-functioning “Restart Story” button in the upper right.

Some choices available to the player in Queer Pirate Plane are choices about what to do. Other choices are about how to feel. In some situations the game does not present the player with a choice about what to do or how to feel. It instead presents the player with a single link to click on which tells the player what their character does or how their character feels.

The graphics in Queer Pirate Plane are in a text based style. They are in black and white and the font is a computer terminal font. A white border encloses a black area which includes white text. Some text is larger than other text. The “Restart Story” button is white and the text is gray. There are no sounds in Queer Pirate Plane. There is no music in Queer Pirate Plane.

Descriptions in Queer Pirate Plane are typically made up of short, declarative sentences. Indefinite articles and conjunctions are often omitted from sentences. When the subject of the sentence refers to the player’s character, the subject is often omitted from the sentence. Some descriptions in Queer Pirate Plane include concatenated words, like “yr” in place of “your.” The game includes humor and action scenes.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is a 9 out of 10.