This is a screenshot of the video game RAGE, featuring the player holding a pistol and looking down a canyon.

RAGE Review

Genre | First Person Shooter
Developer | id Software
Platforms | PC, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3
Website |

RAGE is a game in which the player takes control of Nicholas Raine, a marine who emerges from an underground hibernation vault into a post-apocalyptic Earth. Nicholas then aids a rebellion against the ruling authority, which is known as “the Authority,” by shooting Authority soldiers and doing whatever else the leaders of the rebellion ask of him. Throughout this process the player engages in car races and can play a card game and pick flowers.

RAGE contains ten weapons, including Nicholas’ fists, seven kinds of usable items, twenty three ammo types, five vehicles, nineteen crafting schematics, eighty quests, including thirty seven main quests that must be completed to beat the game, fifty four collectible cards that can be used to play the card game eponymously named “Rage Frenzy,” six kinds of car races, and mutants. Some of the sidequests direct the player through levels visited in other quests.

One of the weapons in RAGE is the “wingstick,” a thrown blade weapon that can slice off the limbs of enemies and return to the player. Wingsticks can be steered through the air by moving the crosshair, and if they hit a hard surface or an armored enemy they can break. The player can craft wingsticks and alternative ammunition with parts looted from the world or purchased from vendors. Normal ammunition can be looted from enemies and refilled during a fight, whereas if alternative ammunition runs out the player must pause to craft more.

The graphics in RAGE are in a realistic style. They feature brown locations, gray locations, and locations that are a combination of brown and gray. Much of the game is tinted green. Characters have various designs, like a man whose body is mostly replaced by robotic parts or a woman whose body is mostly uncovered. The sounds in RAGE depict gunshots, mutants yelling, and characters talking to the player, who does not respond at any point in the game. The majority of the music in RAGE is orchestral in style. Some songs are in a different style.

In one of the race modes in RAGE, the player must beat other cars to a series of rally points. When a racer reaches a rally point, it disappears and a new one appears elsewhere in a random location. Sometimes the location it appears at is a location already occupied by a car, which instantly scores that rally point. In fights the player can deploy items like sentry turrets, autonomous sentry robots, and RC cars with explosives attached in an attempt to defeat enemies. The player can also dispatch enemies by shooting them with bullets fired from guns like the shotgun.

This is a score for an objective game review. The scores is a 7.5 out of 10.