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Resogun Review

Genre | Shoot ‘Em Up
Developer |Housemarque
Platforms | PlayStation 4
Website |

Resogun is a game in which the player flies their spaceship from left to right, blasting enemy ships, picking up humans and delivering them to motherships. The eponymous Resogun is described in story text about the game’s fourth stage as a massive disintegration weapon of the enemy. The stages are cylindrical.

The player chooses from three ships in Resogun, each of which has different attributes of agility, boost and overdrive. Overdrive is a special attack that can be unleashed after filling a meter by collecting enough of the little green cubes that are left by defeated enemies. There are five stages. Each stage has three phases during which the player must survive waves of enemy attacks and rescue humans. Each stage then concludes with a boss battle. Often, the computerized female voice says “keepers detected” and then enemies that have a green aura around them appear. By destroying the enemies with the green aura which are the aforementioned keepers, the player releases a human from their little prison cell, and can then pick up the human and carry them to a mothership. L2 is a “throw human” button and the player can toss the human into the mothership if they want to. There is a trophy for doing this.

A score multiplier builds up as the player destroys enemies in rapid succession. If a few seconds pass without the player blasting enemies, picking up a human or delivering a human to a mothership, the score multiplier is lost. As humans are rescued, the ship’s standard weapon and overdrive become more powerful. On later levels, the screen fills up with enemies and enemy bullets more frequently. One hit destroys the player’s ship unless the player has recently picked up a shield. Boosting is one way to get away from enemies and enemy bullets. The ship can fly through enemies while the player is boosting. After the ship boosts for a short while, the boost meter needs to recharge before the player can boost again. Bombs are another way to eliminate threats. Because these wipe out all enemies, they can make it difficult to keep a score multiplier going, so the player may decide to only use these as a last resort.

The objects in Resogun are made of voxels. These objects include the player’s ship, enemies, and background environments which disintegrate when the player defeats a boss. When the boss of a stage is defeated, the computerized female voice says “armageddon.” This voice comes out of the player’s normal speakers and also out of the controller’s speaker. The music is electronic.

Resogun has leaderboards that rank players based on their score. Players are able to compete against other players to achieve higher positions on the leaderboards. Resogun‘s concept is similar to the concept for Defender, which is an arcade game from 1980.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is a 9 out of 10.