A screenshot from simian.interface

simian.interface Review

Genre | Puzzle
Developer | vested interest
Platforms | PC, Mac, Browser, iOS

simian.interface is a puzzle game where the player is tasked with manipulating the game in order to align various two and three dimensional objects. When the objects are correctly aligned, the player progresses to the next level. Aligning objects requires ascertaining their location and orientation and discovering which direction of manipulation will lead to alignment.

The player in simian.interface controls a monkey hooked up to a computer program. The monkey controls the computer program via its brain. The player uses the mouse on a computer or touch or tilt controls on iOS. There are six main modules in the game, each divided into 7 levels, for a total of 42 levels.

Many levels in simian.interface begin with the player in a situation where it is not clear what aspects of the level must be aligned in order to progress. By manipulating the level the player is able to observe which parts move, the amount to which they move, and which parts are different in color, shape, or size than the other parts. Locating these unique parts sometimes illuminates which parts must be combined to solve the puzzle. Other times, the player must discover a pattern that must be created in order to progress.

The graphics in simian.interface consist of colored shapes against various backgrounds. The backgrounds pulse while the music plays. The music in simian.interface is electronic in nature and features chiptune sounds similar to those created with MIDI technology in older games. The sounds in simian.interface consist of beeping and other acknowledgements that occur when the player completes a puzzle.

Bananas and dopamine are provided to the player’s character when they complete a module. The player may also reward themselves with bananas if they so choose. The game itself does not provide actual bananas. Many of the modules can be completed in quick succession. Between the modules the player observes text on the screen that corresponds to aspects of the program the player’s monkey character is interacting with.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is a 9 out of 10.