This is a screenshot of the video game Slave of God, featuring the player drinking from a cup through a straw while looking at the dance floor and the DJ.

Slave of God Review

Genre | Art Adventure
Developer | Increpare Games
Platforms | PC, OSX
Website |

Slave of God is a first person adventure game in which the player explores a night club and interacts with the people in the club and with other things in the club, like drinks acquired from the bartender. The player can accomplish various tasks which subsequently cause the game to end.

Slave of God features two restrooms, one of which the player can enter, fourteen dancers on the dance floor, one DJ, two patrons sitting at the edges of the dance floor, one bartender, one clubber who arrives at the same time as the player, and one jump button.

Slave of God allows the player to roam freely around the club and enter various areas. Viewing certain areas or entering certain areas sometimes causes different sounds or music to play and different objects to appear or disappear. One interaction causes the player’s control scheme to alter temporarily by changing the buttons that strafe left and right into buttons that spin the player.

The graphics in Slave of God are in an abstract style. They depict the club and its inhabitants in saturated neon colors that pulse and alter. Small black orbs float through the air. The sound in Slave of God includes sound effects when the player drinks something and sound effects when the player uses the restroom. The music in Slave of God is club music.

Slave of God does not feature any dialog between characters. Interactions between the player and other characters is accomplished primarily by getting close to the other character and observing the results. Some members of the club do not react to the player’s approach. Others do react, either directly or by triggering an alteration in what the player is perceiving by adding additional visual elements to the club. The game gives no overt indication of whether the player is progressing to the end or is not making progress.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is a 9 out of 10.