This is a screenshot of the demo for the video game The Stanley Parable, featuring a room.

The Stanley Parable Demo Review

Genre | Demo, First Person Adventure/Interactive Fiction, and Art
Developer | Galactic Cafe
Platforms | PC, OSX
Website |

Editor’s Note: This is a review of the demo for The Stanley Parable. This review updates an earlier, erroneous review of a demo for a game where the player presses a button labeled “8,” which can be read here. This is not a review for the video game “The Stanley Parable Demo.” To read a review of The Stanley Parable Demo, click here.

In the demo for The Stanley Parable the player controls a character from a first person point of view. The game contains one cup, one bin, one achievement, one survey, one ending that occurs at the beginning, one elevator that promises escape, a walkway, and a stairwell.  A narrator speaks to the player before, during, and after the demo.

The graphics in the demo for The Stanley Parable are in a realistic style. They depict rooms, walkways, and other areas. The sound in the demo for The Stanley Parable includes the player’s footsteps and the voice of the narrator speaking to the player. There is no music in the demo for The Stanley Parable.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8.5 out of 10.

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