This is a screenshot of the video game Star Wars: Dark Forces, featuring the player firing a blaster rifle at a Stormtrooper while a nearby Imperial Navy trooper dies.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Review

Genre | First Person Shooter
Developer | LucasArts
Platforms | PC

In Star Wars: Dark Forces, the player controls Kyle Katarn, a mercenary who undertakes various jobs for the Rebel Alliance which require him to infiltrate facilities, engage in combat and exploration, and sometimes jump over chasms. A man named Crix is in the game.

Star Wars: Dark Forces contains fourteen levels, fifteen kinds of enemies, ten weapons, nine items, and the ability to look both upwards and downwards, should the player so desire. Weapons include various kinds of laser guns, explosives, and Kyle’s fists. There are no lightsabers in the game. The eponymous dark forces include both Imperial enemies such as Stormtroopers and other enemies like the same sort of alien that attacked Luke Skywalker in the trash compacter of the Death Star, known as the “dianoga.”

The levels in Star Wars: Dark Forces often include a number of diverse areas, such as the terrain outside a base and the base itself, which might contain dozens of rooms and corridors. The player’s progress is sometimes directed down one path and at other times the player is allowed to roam throughout the level so as to locate switches or buttons that need to be pressed or keys that need to be found.

The graphics in Star Wars: Dark Forces are in a realistic style. The terrain is made up of textured polygons and the weapons, enemies, and various effects are made up of two dimensional animated sprites, except for one large enemy, which is made out of polygons. The game also has hand-drawn cutscenes that depict characters from the Star Wars universe. The sounds in Star Wars: Dark Forces include the sound of Stormtroopers informing the player that they are not authorized to be in the area, the sound of Stormtroopers ordering the player to halt, the sound of blasters firing, and the sound of Stormtroopers dying. The music in Star Wars: Dark Forces consists of dynamic MIDI rearrangements of music from the Star Wars trilogy and additional orchestral music composed for the game, which meld together and alter based on what the player is doing at any given moment in the game.

Kyle is equipped with a personal shield generator which recharges when the player locates shield recharge packs. If the player does not locate any shield recharge packs, their shields do not recharge. All of the player’s weapons have limited ammunition, which can be refilled when the player finds ammunition, with the exception of Kyle’s fists, which do not use ammunition. At certain points in the game there are puzzles that the player must solve to progress.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is a 9.5.