This is a screenshot of the video game Super Eagle, featuring the player firing at floating crates and enemy Nazi soldiers while the player's character discusses the crates with the character's headquarters via radio.

Super Eagle Review

Genre | First Person Shooter
Developer | thecatamites, J Chastain, NEW VADERS
Platforms | PC, OSX

Super Eagle is a first person shooter in which the player controls a secret agent code-named Blue Rectangle. Blue Rectangle must infiltrate the eponymous Nazi fortress Super Eagle to discover what is there and put a stop to it.

Super Eagle includes one weapon, an automatic rifle with a high rate of fire. There are multiple enemy types in Super Eagle and a series of levels. The player has a limited budget for the mission. Taking damage depletes this budget, while killing enemies and accomplishing objectives raises this budget. When the player’s budget reaches zero, they must fill out budget forms to acquire more money.

In Super Eagle the player’s character exchanges dialog with various enemy characters and with headquarters, which sends updates to the player intermittently via radio. The player also observes conversations between enemies. The majority of the player’s time is spent exploring the Nazi base and fighting enemies.

The graphics in Super Eagle are a mixture of hand drawn pictures and flat shaded 3d polygons. The hand drawn pictures are used for player’s character, many enemies, and some of the props in the world. The flat shaded 3d polygons are used for the terrain, some of the enemies, and some of the props. The sound in Super Eagle mostly consists of the sound of the player’s gun firing. All of the dialog is written rather than spoken. The music that plays during Super Eagle is by the artist NEW VADERS and is similar to the music in many older action games that have MIDI music.

The dialog in Super Eagle spans a number of topics and often includes conversations that are tangential to the player’s mission. Some areas of the game are more linear while others allow the player to explore in order to find the way to progress. It is sometimes possible to fall off the level.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8.5 out of 10.