This is a screenshot of Teleglitch, which features the player surrounded by enemies that are soon to close in.

Teleglitch: Die More Edition Review

Genre | Top-Down Shooter with Roguelike elements
Developer | Test3 Projects
Platforms | PC, Linux, OSX

Teleglitch is a top down shooter with randomly generated levels. It places an emphasis on scavenging, crafting, and ammunition preservation. The game contains biomechanical androids and explosives.

Teleglitch features 40 crafting recipes, 10 level archetypes, 14 weapons, and many miscellaneous items, including explosives, items that are used to craft armor, and items that heal the player.  The player does not see all 10 levels in a given playthrough because they teleport between levels and sometimes skip one.

The game does not provide a large amount of ammunition to the player. The player has a knife that can damage enemies up close, but enemies can damage the player at that distance. Enemies can be lured into the eponymous “teleglitches;” amorphous black tears in reality that annihilate whatever enters them. Retreating to teleglitches and relying on the knife allows the player to conserve ammunition for more difficult enemies in the later levels. Enemies that attack the player from close up move in a sinusoidal fashion that makes aiming at them with firearms or slashing them with a knife more difficult for players who cannot easily track multiple fast moving targets while simultaneously backpedaling to stay safe. One tactic is to constantly backpedal, although this can cause the player to become trapped when they run out of room to run.

Teleglitch does not feature any ambient music. The ambient sounds are droning, industrial sounds. The graphics are sparse pixel art viewed from the top down. The area the player’s character is unable to see is covered in blackness, turning every corner and wall into a potential hiding place for enemies.

As the player progresses through the levels the types of enemies that they face change from close combat focused enemies to a mix of close combat and ranged enemies, necessitating a switch in the player’s tactics in order to remain alive, as the knife is ineffective against ranged opponents.

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