This is a screenshot from Thirty Flights of Loving. It features a room with weapons, bullets, a chalkboard, and an adjacent hangar with a seaplane.

Thirty Flights of Loving Review

Genre | Adventure, Art
Developer | Blendo Games
Platforms | PC, OSX

Thirty Flights of Loving is a first person adventure game. The player controls a character who walks through various locations and experiences disconnected parts of their life, which do not occur in linear order.

There are no puzzles to solve in Thirty Flights of Loving beyond the need to explore the environment to progress to the next scene. The player can use the “E” button on the keyboard to interact with various objects in the environment. The game includes a director’s commentary mode and a secret mode where everyone is replaced with Jeff Goldblum.

There are many sudden jumps in location and time in Thirty Flights of Loving. These sudden jumps transition the player from one level to another. The game contains no dialog and uses environmental cues to deliver its nonlinear narrative, which is obliquely related to the other games that Blendo Games has made, including Gravity Bone, which is included with Thirty Flights of Loving.

The music is from the “surf rock” genre and plays in various parts in a way that potentially underscore the effects of the jump cuts. The graphics use bright, vibrant colors and simple, blocky objects. The game uses the Quake III engine and the player movement is similar to the movement in the Quake series of games.

There are both cats and orange peels in Thirty Flights of Loving.  The player may peel oranges. The game also contains an airport and bullets that are fired. A number of things in the game could be described as postmodern. Brendon Chung, the creator of the game, has mentioned filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai as a source of inspiration for the game’s mood and pacing.

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