This is a screenshot of the video game Thunder Wolves, featuring the player's helicopter firing ubllets and missiles towards enemies on the ground, which are firing at the player's helicopter.

Thunder Wolves Review

Genre | Action Flight Sim
Developer | Most Wanted Entertainment
Platforms | PC, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3
Website |

Thunder Wolves is a third person action flight sim in which the player controls a helicopter, which itself is controlled by a pilot and a gunner working for the eponymous Thunder Wolves, an organization that kills terrorists. The player is tasked with destroying enemy infantry, vehicles, helicopters, and buildings, and with accomplishing other objectives. Most things in the game explode, yell, or explode and yell at some point.

Thunder Wolves features nine helicopters, thirteen missions, eleven kinds of secondary weapons, one primary weapon, two alternative vision modes, explosions both nuclear and non-nuclear, three difficulty levels, twenty five hidden crates to collect, and some sequences in which instead of flying a helicopter, the player controls a sniper rifle, a ground vehicle, the gunner seat on the helicopter, a drone, or various devices.

The secondary weapons in Thunder Wolves are different kinds of missiles. Each helicopter has dumb fire rockets and homing rockets, plus its own special kind of missile. The player can fire each kind of missile a certain number of times until it must recharge, and ammunition is otherwise unlimited. The player’s helicopter recharges its condition when it is not taking damage. Enemy fire can be avoided by maneuvering, deploying flares to evade homing missiles, and shooting enemies before they can fire.

The graphics in Thunder Wolves are in a realistic style, with the exception of missiles and bullets, which are exaggerated in size and shape. The sounds in Thunder Wolves include the sounds of explosions, a warning tone notifying the player that enemy missiles have locked on, and lines spoken multiple times in multiple missions by the various characters when the player blows up enemies, which include “konnichiwa, bitches!” and “special delivery, bitch!” The music in Thunder Wolves is heavy metal music and sometimes classical music.

The game features various control schemes to choose from, and it does not allow the player to rebind controls manually. One character in the game proclaims that “if it is made by man, then I can blow it the fuck up.” The game takes place in 1991, and includes flashbacks to the 1980s. One terrorist’s name is “Crazy Khalid.” During one mission, the player must detach a train car from the rest of a train so as to protect the civilians inside the train car. Elsewhere in the mission the player can destroy civilian buildings indiscriminately. Later in the mission, a nuclear bomb explodes less than a mile from the detached civilian train car.

This is a score for an objective game review. The scores is a 7.5 out of 10.