This is a screenshot of the video game Tower of Guns, featuring the player firing a gun at flying enemies while equipped with the John's All-Access Pass item, four extra jump powerups, a homing bullet powerup, a level five weapon, and maximum health. The player has five hundred twenty eight coins and a speed of sixteen.

Tower of Guns Review

Genre | First Person Shooter with Roguelike Elements
Developer | Terrible Posture Games
Platforms | PC
Website |

Tower of Guns is a first person shooter with roguelike elements in which the player battles their way through the eponymous tower of guns in an attempt to defeat the bosses of six stages. The kinds of enemies the player faces, the order of the levels, and the items and powerups the player finds are randomized on each playthrough.

Tower of Guns features ten main weapon; eight secret weapons that can be found in levels; eleven perks; fifteen bosses; seven level types; fifty items; twelve weapon modifier powerups; three varieties of pickups that replenish the player’s health, item charge meter,and gun level; and powerups that increase the player’s speed, jump height, amount of times they can jump in the air, armor, and health, or alter things like the player’s luck or the difficulty of the levels. The player can also collect coins which can be used to buy powerups on sale throughout the levels.

The player chooses one gun and perk per run and has infinite ammo. Each gun can grow to level five, or to level six with a perk, as the player collects blue pickups. Guns become more powerful as they level up. One gun shoots ricocheting discs in a straight line. Another gun rapidly fires bursts of energy. Another gun fires crossbow bolts. Another gun fires a series of spiked balls in an arc. Loading screens include phrases like “..assuaging CPU performance anxiety..” and “..defining ‘roguelike’…” The game’s options cannot be adjusted during a run. The game has multiple plots, one of which is selected for each run. The story is communicated via dialog boxes. If the player becomes trapped they can hold the “tilt” button which returns them to the start of the room.

The graphics in Tower of Guns are in a comic book style. They depict enemies, explosions, weapons, and levels in shades of gray, brown, blue, green, orange, and other colors. When they are about to explode, enemies flash bright orange. The sounds in Tower of Guns include booms when enemies fire projectiles, various when the player fires, and booms when enemies explode. Large numbers of identical sounds often play almost simultaneously when multiple enemies fire at the player.  The music in Tower of Guns is in electronic, metal, and industrial styles, plus some tracks which are in other styles.

Enemies in Tower of Guns are turrets that fire large bullets, small energy pellets, spiked balls, buzz saws, or large homing purple energy blasts at the player; flying bombs that move towards the player and explode; flying buzz saw enemies that move towards the player; flying turrets that move towards the player while firing;  and bosses. Enemies often spawn in groups of a dozen or more. Levels have secret locations, some of which can only be reached if the player has powerups or an item that allow them to jump across large distances. Tower of Guns features an endless mode where the game repeats once the player has reached the last level. This allows the player to collect many powerups, like enough jump powerups to jump eight times in the air without touching the ground and enough magnet powerups to grab pickups from dead enemies from far away.

This is a score for an objective game review. The scores is a 7.5 out of 10.