This is a picture of the Versus Mode Vault 101 // Fallout 3 T-Shirt resting on a chair. The shirt is gray and features a stylized design of the Vault 101 door in the center.

Vault 101 // Fallout 3 T-Shirt Review

Genre | Clothing
Developer | Versus Mode
Platforms | Human Body, Closet, Wardrobe
Website |

Vault 101 // Fallout 3 is a T-Shirt made by Versus Mode featuring a stylized design of the door to Vault 101, a location in Fallout 3. The shirt can be worn as an item of apparel in instances where the social conventions require clothing at least as formal as a T-Shirt to be worn, and it can also be used in other instances as clothing or as something else, like a flag or a bandage.

Vault 101 // Fallout 3 is available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. The shirt is gray and has a tag affixed to the inside of the shirt at the location nearest the nape of the neck when the shirt is worn in a standard fashion. A medium Vault 101 // Fallout 3 measures approximately fifty one point five centimeters wide at the base, seventy one centimeters tall at the middle, and eighty one point five centimeters wide at the widest point before being washed, and approximately forty nine centimeters wide at the base, sixty seven centimeters tall at the middle, and seventy nine point five centimeters wide at the widest point after being washed in hot water and dried in an automated dryer on the “high” heat setting.

Vault 101 // Fallout 3 does not feature any text in its design apart from a “101” in the center. Other Versus Mode shirts feature text, like “A Man chooses / A Slave obeys” or the definition of the world “Warlock.” No shirt features the words “video” or “game” and the neither the shirts with words nor the shirts lacking words feature references that would necessarily indicate that the shirts are related to video games to people who are not already familiar with the game the shirt’s design is a reference to.

The material of Vault 101 // Fallout 3 and the other Versus Mode shirts is cotton. The graphics of Vault 101 // Fallout 3 are the gray of the shirt, and the design, which is made of red and of two shades of gray. Other Versus Mode shirts are different colors, like green, orange, or blue. The sounds of Vault 101 // Fallout 3 include a soft rustling sound when rubbed against itself or skin. There is no soundtrack to Vault 101 // Fallout 3 beyond whatever music is otherwise occurring in the vicinity of the shirt. The shirt alone has no detectable odor.

The tag on Vault 101 // Fallout 3 indicates that it was manufactured in Los Angeles by workers who were paid fair wages and who have access to healthcare and benefits. The tag also recommends washing the shirt in cold water and drying on “low” in a dryer. One stitch five centimeters to the left of the tag has come slightly loose after having handled the shirt.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is an 8 out of 10.