This is a screenshot of the video game The Yawhg, featuring a character in a red dress dancing at a party while below the text describe something about puppies, and them dying when you dissect them. To the right, the character's statistics are listed.

The Yawhg Review

Genre | Interactive Fiction, Adventure
Developer | Emily Carroll, Damian Sommer
Platforms | PC
Website |

The Yawhg is an interactive fiction adventure game where the players control characters for the six weeks preceding the appearance of the eponymous Yawhg, which threatens to wreak havoc. Up to four players control up to four characters by selecting locations for each character to visit and making choices about what the characters do when they visit the locations. Players can control more than one character if they so choose.

The Yawhg features six character statistics, eight locations to visit, more than ninety six events, more than fifty endings, four characters, one Yawhg, and one screen resolution. Choices in The Yawhg are binary and the outcomes of the choices depend on the statistics of the character. Which choices a character is met with depends on which location they have visited, what they have done at the location, and what has occurred in the past.

Each of the locations in The Yawhg feature a choice between an activity that typically earns money and an activity that often does not earn money. Both choices typically increase one or more of the character’s other statistics. Subsequent to this choice, the player is presented with another choice based on a randomly occurring event. The results of this choice can have divergent consequences. Statistics include finesse, physique, mind, and magic. Choices and their consequences are described in sentences of text accompanied by pictures. Choices include whether to purchase magic beans, whether to retrieve a glass of water for a sick patient, and what to do about an ooze monster that has been created by an alchemist accidentally.

The graphics in The Yawhg are in a hand drawn style. They depict the four characters in a variety of situations, the city the characters live in, the imminence of the Yawhg, and pictures tied to special events. The sounds in The Yawhg include the sound of a bell, the strumming of a stringed instrument, a clicking noise when a player cycles through possible locations with their character, and an “ehh” noise made by a woman. The music in The Yawhg is in an acoustic style and features a guitar and singing.

The text descriptions of events in The Yawhg are a few sentences long. They describe the situation by providing relevant details and descriptions. Information not directly relevant to the situation is omitted. Descriptions include dangerous situations (like a fight), humorous situations, depressing situations, mundane situations, and otherworldly situations. The choices available to the characters allow them to undertake morally praiseworthy or morally reprehensible actions depending on what the player chooses, like a choice between pick pocketing people in the slums or fighting crime in the slums. Either choice can lead to increases in the character’s statistics.

This is a score for an objective game review. The score is a 9 out of 10.